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SALT Galata to SALT Beyoğlu / Route B en

Choose Route A for a more strenuous route involving an uphill climb that will take you past the Galata Tower.

Choose Route B to take the historical tunnel metro straight up to Taksim.



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
Haliç Metro Bridge 20210.6kmsite_ao
Istanbul Airport Museum 202032.6kmsite_ao
Rumeli Hisari 20209.7kmsite_ao
From Galata Tower to Istanbul Modern en 0.2kmsite_izi
“Forgotten” Gems of Istanbul en 1.9kmsite_izi
Jewish Heritage of Galata en 0.3kmsite_izi
SALT Galata to SALT Beyoğlu – Route A en 0.1kmsite_izi
Historic Centre of Istanbul en 0.7kmsite_izi
Istanbul en it 1.6kmsite_izi
Tour through Istanbul de en es fr it 4.4kmsite_izi
Camondo Stairs 20200kmsite_ao
Galata House Restaurant 20200.1kmsite_ao
Istanbul 2461 20201.5kmsite_ao
Pudding Shop (Lale Restaurant) 20201.8kmsite_ao
Column of the Goths 20201.4kmsite_ao
Tünel 20190.1kmsite_ao
This Abandoned Orphanage Is One of Europe’s Largest Wooden Buildings 201922kmsite_ao
Isa Yusuf Alptekin Park 20192.1kmsite_ao
This Istanbul Restaurant Re-Creates Dishes From the Ottoman Empire 20193kmsite_ao
Pera Palace Hotel 20190.8kmsite_ao
Theodosian Wall Stone Ladder 20193.4kmsite_ao
A 6th-Century Cistern Hidden Below a Carpet Store 20182.2kmsite_ao
Golden Horn Chain 20181.5kmsite_ao
The Underground Mosque 20180.3kmsite_ao
Hagia Sophia Wishing Column 20181.8kmsite_ao
Viking Runes at Hagia Sophia 20181.8kmsite_ao
Museum of Energy 20185.2kmsite_ao
Vlora Hanı 20181.1kmsite_ao
Vedat Tek House 20183.2kmsite_ao
Ottoman Bird Palaces 20183.5kmsite_ao
In Memory of Tombili, The Real-Life ‘Chill Cat’ 20176.9kmsite_ao
Atatürk Library 19732.2kmsite_brutalism
Istanbul Textile Traders Market ?MÇ 1.1kmsite_brutalism
Tercüman Office Building (today: Toya Plaza) 5.4kmsite_brutalism
Bursa and Cumalıkızık: the Birth of the Ottoman Empire 201493.6kmsite_whs
Historic Areas of Istanbul 19851.8kmsite_whs
Archaeologists May Have Found the Place Where Roman Emperors Were Baptized 20191.8kmpost




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