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Don’t be sentimental.

That is Malmö’s message to the world. In difference to most European towns, Malmö is not mainly a place to admire old castles and churches. Those are old signs of power, and Malmö does not care for those in power. Malmö is more likely to fight against the power. Nor does Malmö care much for anything old; if something happened more than a few years ago it’s irrelevant now. This is not the place for nostalgia.

On this tour I will tell you why Malmö is so unsentimental. My name is Christian, and I am a tour guide in Malmö since 2011. The tour I will give you is actually a traditional sightseeing tour. It will take you to all the landmarks and tell you the stories behind them. It’s just that Malmö, the topic of the tour, is anything but traditional.

This tour is good for exploring town by foot or by bike. Since Malmö is very bike friendly I prefer the bike, but it’s up to you. To take the tour, make sure you have downloaded the entire tour on your mobile, so you have it with you even without internet connection. Stop 1 on the tour explains how to rent a bike and covers all the practical details on how to go about doing the tour. You can play stop 1 manually right now to make sure you know the details before you start. The other stops after that are the sights and landmarks of Malmö, where I tell about Malmö’s unsentimental story.


Get your earphones ready, make sure your battery is charged, and head out to enjoy Malmö.

Best unsentimental wishes
Your guide Christian

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Malmo Möllestenen (The Malmo Millstone)

Discover Malmo Möllestenen (The Malmo Millstone) in Malmö, Sweden: This millstone commemorates a gruesome tale that may have been the source of the city's name.

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The project was designed to challenge one's notions of repulsion.

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CITY WALK: Malmö labour history // STADSVANDRING: Malmö arbetarhistoria