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Kitesurfing in Sicily en it

Around the world, kitesurfing is also called kite board or as it’s very often referred to in France fly surf, which highlights the relation this sport has with flying.

Over time, kitesurfing has embraced many disciplines such as Free style where some developments have been made; Wave where the person sails surfing the waves; Long Distance where a real sailing-style regatta is held; Speed where they try to beat the world speed record.

Do you know that Kitesurfing is a very easy sport to learn? with very few lessons you can immediately manoeuvre the kite and glide on the water’s surface. It doesn’t even require physical strength, as it takes enormous advantage of kinetic force. However, often, in “unfavourable” weather conditions, physical and technical training makes the difference.

Her is an agile audioguide to discover kitesurfing in Sicily!



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