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Hidden Beauties – San Giorgio a Cremano en it

Welcome to San Giorgio a Cremano one of the towns of The Golden Mile.

The Golden Mile, the ancient Via Reggia delle Calabrie, is a route from San Giovanni a Teduccio to Torre Annunziata with historical and beautiful buildings of 18th century, known as Vesuvian Villas. The Vesuvian Villas are about 122 and represent the heritage of the bourbonic architecture during the Reign of two Sicilies of Charles III of Bourbon.

In 1738, King Charles and his wife Maria Amalia of Sassonia built in Portici a new Royal Palace and started the archeological scaves of the old site of Hercolaneum. The Neapolitan aristocracy followed the King and built along the coast of the bay of Naples at the shadow of Vesuvius some beautiful houses, known as the Vesuvian Villas, where they spent their summer holidays. The way along these buildings were located between the sea and the volcano is called The Golden Mile. Here some of the most famous architects of the 18th century worked, just Like Vanvitelli and Fuga. The Vesuvian Villas have a Neoclassical Style in their external structure, wonderful gardens with fountains, ponds, falls and statues. The rooms and the Halls are in Baroque and Rococo’ Style.  

In San Giorgio a Cremano there are about 30 Vesuvian Villas, but only a few have been restored and open to public

We are visiting: Villa Bruno and Villa Vannucchi.


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