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Exploring the Industrial Heritage of the City of Kingston en

The City of Kingston administers much of Melbourne’s south-eastern ‘sand belt’. This local government area sweeps along the north-eastern shoreline of Port Phillip through well-known coastal suburbs such as Mentone, Aspendale and Carrum and inland to Moorabbin, Clayton South and Braeside. The region has a rich industrial history with a number of large industrial zones that developed on green field sites after World War Two.

In the post war years, development centred on Moorabbin East where major manufacturing plants were established in Cochranes, Keys and Chesterville Roads. The surrounding areas also experienced a proliferation of light industries during this period.

This tour will introduce a number of sites that inform the industrial heritage of the City of Kingston. As we tour these sites, we will also reflect on the meaning of heritage and the ways in which industrial heritage sites are interpreted.



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
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Fairfield AIDS Memorial Garden en 18.4kmsite_izi
Surrey Dive 202012.1kmsite_ao
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Space and Sculpture: Docklands, Melbourne en 19.6kmsite_izi
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Deakin University Sculpture Walk, Burwood en 9.7kmsite_izi
Boating on Albert Park Lake en 16.1kmsite_izi
Old Melbourne Cemetery (Queen Victoria Market) en 19.1kmsite_izi
The Heritage Value of the Queen Victoria Market en 19.1kmsite_izi
From Punishment to Rehabilitation – The Old Melbourne Gaol en 18.8kmsite_izi
Serving Australia and Serving Victoria: Stories of the Shrine Creators en 16.5kmsite_izi
Discovering Darebin: The People of Northcote en 19.2kmsite_izi
Melbourne Observatory 201916.3kmsite_ao
Titanic Theatre Restaurant 201918.8kmsite_ao
Abbotsford Convent 201917kmsite_ao
St. Kilda Pier Penguin Colony 201914.6kmsite_ao
The Nicholas Building 201917.9kmsite_ao
Victoria Police Museum 201719.1kmsite_ao
Fire Services Museum of Victoria 201718kmsite_ao
Larry La Trobe Statue 201818kmsite_ao
The Friendly Bunyip of Victoria, Australia 201718.6kmsite_ao
AC/DC Lane 201817.7kmsite_ao
Princess Theatre 201818kmsite_ao
There’s an Abandoned Ballroom Hidden in Australia’s Busiest Railway Station 201717.7kmsite_ao
The Upended Tram 201818.4kmsite_ao
‘Mr. Lizard and Gumnut Baby’ Statue 201818.6kmsite_ao
Marionette Fob Watch 201818.6kmsite_ao
Captain Cook’s Cottage 201717.3kmsite_ao
Visit One of the World’s First Movie Studios 201718kmsite_ao
Fairies Tree 201817.3kmsite_ao
Mailbox Art Space 201817.8kmsite_ao
Polly Woodside 201818.1kmsite_ao
The Bullet-Banged Armour of Australia’s Most Famous Outlaw 201718.5kmsite_ao
Gog and Magog 201718.2kmsite_ao
Total House 18.2kmsite_brutalism
Plumbers and Gasfitters Union Building 18.7kmsite_brutalism
Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens 200418.5kmsite_whs
Australia bushfires unearth a 6,600-year-old Indigenous fish-trapping system 20203.5kmpost

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