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A Tour of Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Revitalizing City en

Hello and welcome to this driving tour of Bridgeport, Connecticut presented by Insight Guides. My name is Katherine and I’ll be your guide. This driving tour takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete, not including any time spent touring museums or any buildings. You can stop at any time and start again at the same spot later. You can follow the route on your phone or simply listen as I guide you from one sight to the next. I’ll be giving you clear directions and the audio will automatically start playing when you get close to the next sight on the tour. Don’t worry if you need to skip a sight as the tour will pick up at the next location. One more thing before we get started – always be aware of your surroundings and be sure to obey all traffic signals.

A leading industrial city in the 18th and mid-19th centuries, Bridgeport faced some hard knocks toward the mid-20th century as businesses and residents moved away and impacted the city’s economic vitality. Today, like other urban destinations, Bridgeport is gradually being revitalized with the conversion of defunct buildings into housing, shops and art spaces and the steady promotion of long-time attractions. There’s a growth in entertainment options such as Webster Bank Arena for concerts and an annual Gathering of the Vibes concert series that is set to return in 2017. On this tour we’ll see three different areas of the city, with attractions fit for both children and adults. We’ll visit the places that continue to hold their own in being a hangout spot, a place for getting a bite to eat or a reminder of not just Bridgeport’s legacy, but also its host state. 

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Hearthstone Castle 201925.6kmsite_ao
Mine Hill Preserve 201940.5kmsite_ao
Connecticut Air & Space Center 201910.4kmsite_ao
Weir Farm National Historic Site 201919.2kmsite_ao
Abandoned Fairy Village 201938.1kmsite_ao
Bloodroot Feminist Vegetarian Restaurant 20196.5kmsite_ao
The Cave Where Two British Judges Hid in Exile After Sentencing the King to Death 201726.2kmsite_ao
Yale’s 13th President Is Buried Here in Full Samurai Garb 201727.8kmsite_ao
Yale’s Collection of Rare Musical Instruments 201828kmsite_ao
Stamford’s Miniature Ghost Town 201831.7kmsite_ao
Memorial to America’s First Circus Elephant 201639.9kmsite_ao
Fairfield Hills Hospital 201721.1kmsite_ao
PEZ Visitor Center 201820.4kmsite_ao
‘Danbury Crowns Them All’ Sign 201727.3kmsite_ao
The Little Prince Statue on Long Island 201736.5kmsite_ao
Watermelons on a Greek Statue 201723.1kmsite_ao
New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum 196527.5kmsite_brutalism
Knights of Columbus Building 196527.3kmsite_brutalism
Armstrong Rubber Company Headquarters (Pirelli Tire Building) 196827.8kmsite_brutalism
Married Students Housing, Yale University 196028.4kmsite_brutalism
Knights of Columbus Museum 27.6kmsite_brutalism
Richard C. Lee High School 27kmsite_brutalism
Ezra Stiles and Morse Colleges, Yale University 195927.5kmsite_brutalism
Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center, Yale University 196827.9kmsite_brutalism
Paier College of Art 28.9kmsite_brutalism
New Haven Central Fire Station 195928.1kmsite_brutalism
Yale Art Gallery 195127.3kmsite_brutalism
Art and Architecture Building, Yale University 195927.3kmsite_brutalism
Combustion Engineering Corporation Headquarters 197030.8kmsite_brutalism
Temple Street Parking Garage 195827.4kmsite_brutalism

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