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2021 Black History Ride en

By no means a comprehensive telling of Black History in Los Angeles, our 2021 Black History Ride is a 22.2 mile ride that starts in Expo Park, heads South to Westmont, then makes its way back via Avalon Blvd.

The stops along this route include South LA Cafe, Eso Won Books/Ride On! Bike Co-op and other businesses in Leimert Park Plaza, Vincent Park, the site of Dijon Kizzee’s death last year, the South LA Wetlands Park and the California African American Museum. 

Theoretically, based on Google speeds, this should take you two hours without stops. When scouted at a leisurely and steady pace, with two snack & bathroom breaks, and lots of picture-taking, this took about five hours. 

Pack your own toilet paper for the porta potty at the South LA Wetlands.  

While this route’s side streets make it pretty pleasant they present one big drawback – sensors won’t read you on a bike. This means you’ll have to push the walk button or maybe you’ll get “lucky” and have a car set the sensor off to get you the green light.

As with any ride, keep an eye out for potholes, cracks and road repairs gone wrong. Feel free to report any issues you encounter while on the road to 311. 

Thank you for choosing LACBC’s self-guided rides. As always, feel free to provide any feedback or suggestions to us at [email protected]

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