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Budapest – Inner City Pest walk with Tim Richards en 20136.9kmsite_izi
Budapest – out along Andrassy Avenue en 20136.2kmsite_izi
Budapest – history walk of Buda with Tim Richards en 20135.4kmsite_izi
Budapest in 1 day en ru uk 5.8kmsite_izi
Free Budapest audio tour from MP3 City Guides en 5.8kmsite_izi
Central Café and Restaurant 1887 20207.2kmsite_ao
Dominican Convent 20193.3kmsite_ao
Koller Gallery 20195.6kmsite_ao
Steve Jobs Memorial Statue 20192.2kmsite_ao
Budapest Chairlift 20195.7kmsite_ao
Kerepesi Cemetery 20197.7kmsite_ao
Szimpla Kert 20196.9kmsite_ao
Magyar Rádió 20197.4kmsite_ao
Bullet Hole Markers at the Ministry of Agriculture Building 20195.5kmsite_ao
Budapest’s Abandoned Train Graveyard 20175.9kmsite_ao
Budapest’s Zero Kilometer Stone 20186.2kmsite_ao
Roman Baths Under a Budapest Train Station 20171.8kmsite_ao
Man Falling Into Death 20175.7kmsite_ao
Belle Époque Artist Colony Garden in Budapest 20175.7kmsite_ao
Budapest Telephone Museum 20175.6kmsite_ao
Budapest Castle Hill Funicular 20166.2kmsite_ao
A Béla Lugosi Bust Was Snuck Onto the Facade of This Budapest Castle 20176.1kmsite_ao
BKK Transport Dispatchment Center “Futár” 7.7kmsite_brutalism
Terrace Houses 7.9kmsite_brutalism
All Saints Parish Church (Farkasréti Mindenszentek Plébániatemplom) 19757.9kmsite_brutalism
Budapest: Heaven in Hungary 20196.2kmpost

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