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Office Building SACEN




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Spitzer Castle 20209.8kmsite_ao
I’m Every Lesbian – Belgrade en sr 68kmsite_izi
Rainy Belgrade en 67.7kmsite_izi
Belgrade Central Area en 67.1kmsite_izi
Most Na Suvom 202045.8kmsite_ao
Muzej Šibica 20209.3kmsite_ao
Gavez Klub 202067.6kmsite_ao
Monument to the Unknown Hero 202081.3kmsite_ao
Bač Fortress 201950.9kmsite_ao
‘Catacombs’ of Petrovaradin Fortress 20192.7kmsite_ao
Black Horses at Play 201868.7kmsite_ao
Stratište Memorial Complex 201771.6kmsite_ao
Abandoned Dudik Memorial in Croatia 201764.7kmsite_ao
Belgrade Aviation Museum 201658.6kmsite_ao
Tito’s Blue Train 201871.7kmsite_ao
District Court 34.4kmsite_brutalism
Residential High Rise Vojvode Stepe 141 71.9kmsite_brutalism
Belgrade Fair, Hall No. 4 68.2kmsite_brutalism
Apartment Complex Sime Igumanova 2–4 70.8kmsite_brutalism
German Embassy 68.9kmsite_brutalism
Building III, Federal Executive Council 65kmsite_brutalism
Palace of Justice (Palata pravde) 68.6kmsite_brutalism
Residence of the Embassy of Iran 70.6kmsite_brutalism
Institute of Urban Planning 196768.7kmsite_brutalism
Apartment Building 68kmsite_brutalism
Center for Culture and Sport “Šumice” 197372.2kmsite_brutalism
Municipal Assembly 64.9kmsite_brutalism
Western City Gate (Genex Tower) 197764.6kmsite_brutalism
Residential Development Banjica 197173.8kmsite_brutalism
Eastern City Gates (Isto?ne Kapije) 197373.5kmsite_brutalism
Residential Building “Toblerone” 69.9kmsite_brutalism
Hotel Tamis 75kmsite_brutalism
Residential Blocks 61–64 64.5kmsite_brutalism
Block 23 66.9kmsite_brutalism
Pionir Hall (today: Aleksandar Nikoli? Hall) 197269.5kmsite_brutalism
Elektrovojvodina 1kmsite_brutalism

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