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Hygienic and Bacteriological Institute (Hygienisch-Bakteriologisches Landesuntersuchungsamt)



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Kunstgallerie Glas Haus (Art Gallery Glass House) 201949.8km site_ao
Bielefeld Viaduct 201966.3km site_ao
Slab for the Ruhr 201563.2km site_ao
Soul of Africa Museum 201570km site_ao
Tetrahedron in Bottrop 201465.7km site_ao
The World’s Biggest Pet Store 201675.3km site_ao
Zollverein 201364.4km site_ao
Gasometer Oberhausen 201371.7km site_ao
Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord 201477km site_ao
Castle of Wewelsburg 201180.9km site_ao
Schwebebahn Wuppertal 201080.8km site_ao
Germany’s Giant Multicolored Lego Bridge 201781.6km site_ao
The Palatial Home of Prussia’s Eccentric ‘Cannon King’ 201773km site_ao
The Bielefeld Conspiracy Theory Claims This German City Does Not Exist 201763.7km site_ao
Fire and Rescue Station 48.2km site_brutalism
Schulzentrum Holtwicker Straße (today: Städtisches Gymnasium Nepomucenum) 30.5km site_brutalism
Volkshochschule 77km site_brutalism
Office Building (formerly West-LB Bank) 197549km site_brutalism
Commercial Building 47.1km site_brutalism
St. Paul 78.2km site_brutalism
City Hall 197212.8km site_brutalism
Karstadt Hauptverwaltung 73.3km site_brutalism
Melanchton Community Center and Church 196471km site_brutalism
City Hall 47.6km site_brutalism
Library, Ruhr Universität Bochum 60.8km site_brutalism
Applied Mathematics Faculty (Faculteit Toegepaste Wiskunde) (now Cubicus), Twente University 61.1km site_brutalism
Allwetter Zoo 1.5km site_brutalism
Mourning Hall, Central Cemetery Freigrafendamm 197257.4km site_brutalism
Museum Lehmbruck 81.9km site_brutalism
Ruhr University 60.6km site_brutalism
Christuskirche Bochum 195658.4km site_brutalism
Kulturhaus Lüdenscheid 197581.4km site_brutalism
Peace Church (Friedenskirche) 49.8km site_brutalism
St. Nicolai Church 50.6km site_brutalism
City Hall 195947.9km site_brutalism
Parking Garage 57.7km site_brutalism
Habiflex 45.6km site_brutalism
Pilgrimage Church (Wallfahrtsdom) 196379.2km site_brutalism
Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen 200163.9km site_whs

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