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Engineering Building, Leicester University



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The Old Grammar School 202020.9kmsite_ao
All Saints’ Church, Brixworth 202035.2kmsite_ao
EarSpoon en 0.8kmsite_izi
Background to Foreground en 0.8kmsite_izi
ListenUp! Leicester en 0.8kmsite_izi
Normanton Church 201933.9kmsite_ao
The Caves of Nottingham 201936.8kmsite_ao
Hermits Cave at Dale Abbey 201938.8kmsite_ao
Lunt Roman Fort 201937.4kmsite_ao
The Flying Horse 201937kmsite_ao
The Exchange Murals 201937.1kmsite_ao
Oakham Castle Horseshoes 201927.3kmsite_ao
Park Tunnel 201937.3kmsite_ao
The Ilkeston Giant Statue 201940.3kmsite_ao
The Birthplace of the Englishman Who Founded the A.C. Milan Football Club 201938.1kmsite_ao
Green’s Mill 201936.9kmsite_ao
The ‘Coventry Doom’ Spent Centuries Hiding in Plain Sight 201935.1kmsite_ao
The Phil Silvers Archival Museum 201834.5kmsite_ao
Hanson Log Boat 201841.3kmsite_ao
Standard Hill 201836.8kmsite_ao
Cheylesmore Manor Gatehouse 201835.5kmsite_ao
Caludon Castle Ruins 201831.7kmsite_ao
The Lost Caves 201837.1kmsite_ao
Remains of the Whitefriars Friary 201835.2kmsite_ao
Bell Inn Caves 201837.1kmsite_ao
Nottingham’s Palatial Natural History Museum 201836.9kmsite_ao
Watson Fothergill’s Office 201837.2kmsite_ao
The Original Gotham Was an English Village That Pretended to Be Insane 201727.9kmsite_ao
The Hemlock Stone 201837kmsite_ao
Sneinton Dragon 201836.5kmsite_ao
St. Mary’s Guildhall 201835.1kmsite_ao
The Victorian Park That Inspired Neverland 201838kmsite_ao
The Alleged Birthplace of England’s Nine Day Queen 20179.5kmsite_ao
Coventry Cathedral Ruins 201835.1kmsite_ao
Moira Furnace 201830.5kmsite_ao
Rothwell Bone Crypt 201730.9kmsite_ao
Caves and Graves Fill This Haunting Victorian Cemetery 201838.4kmsite_ao
Scala Cinema 201841kmsite_ao
Thrust SSC and Thrust 2 201835kmsite_ao
The Singapore 201831.1kmsite_ao
The Longest Stone Bridge in England 201834kmsite_ao
Worthington’s Octagonal Round House 201825.6kmsite_ao
The Cyclists War Memorial in Britain 201741kmsite_ao
Ford’s Hospital 201835.4kmsite_ao
Ruins of St. Mary’s Priory Cathedral 201735.1kmsite_ao
Horizon Building 196834.4kmsite_brutalism
Assembly Rooms 41.2kmsite_brutalism
Elephant Man’s ‘forgotten grave found’ 20192.1kmpost

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