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Viking Line en fi ru sv 1.9kmsite_izi
Gamla Stan Street-by-Street en ru 1.8kmsite_izi
First Time in Gamla Stan en ru 2kmsite_izi
Walk from the Viking Line terminal toward the Slussen Promenade with Tim Richards en 2kmsite_izi
Red Buses – Gustav III Tour en ru sv 2.2kmsite_izi
Skansen with Tim Richards en 1kmsite_izi
Strandvägen promenade with Tim Richards en 1.5kmsite_izi
Viking Line en sv 1.9kmsite_izi
From Central station to Slussen en ru 2.4kmsite_izi
The Old Town (Gamla stan) with Tim Richards en 1.8kmsite_izi
Gamla Stan Essentials en ru 2.2kmsite_izi
First Time in Gamla Stan en sv 2kmsite_izi
Gamla Stan Essentials en 2.2kmsite_izi
From Central station to Slussen en sv 2.4kmsite_izi
Stockholm de en ru sv 20192.2kmsite_izi
Engelska en sv 2.5kmsite_izi
Gamla Riksbanken (The Old National Bank) 20201.9kmsite_ao
Källargränd urinoar (Källargränd Urinal) 20201.9kmsite_ao
Wooden Horse Museum 20202kmsite_ao
Stortorget Cannonball 20201.9kmsite_ao
‘Två Myror’ (‘Two Ants’) 20192.3kmsite_ao
The First Grave of René Descartes 20192.3kmsite_ao
‘The Battle of Gotland 1361’ Exhibit 20190.6kmsite_ao
Medieval Massacre – The Battle of Gotland 1361 20190.6kmsite_ao
The Royal Armoury 20191.7kmsite_ao
Bengt Erland Fogelberg’s Norse God Statues 20191.4kmsite_ao
Östermalm Echo Dome 20191.3kmsite_ao
‘In Between’ 20192.1kmsite_ao
Mårten Trotzigs Gränd 20192kmsite_ao
Newton’s Apple 20192.2kmsite_ao
Tyska Kyrkan Weather Vane 20191.9kmsite_ao
Percys Trappa 20192kmsite_ao
Vikingaliv Runestone 20190.8kmsite_ao
Last Home of Descartes 20192kmsite_ao
Berzelius Park 20191.5kmsite_ao
Aifur 20192kmsite_ao
The Grave of Morgan the Horse 20191.6kmsite_ao
Margareta Krook’s Statue 20191.3kmsite_ao
Museum of Medieval Stockholm 20191.8kmsite_ao
Gamla Riksarkivet Lift 20192.2kmsite_ao
Katarina Elevator 20182.1kmsite_ao
Stockholm’s Abandoned Ordnance Datum 20182.3kmsite_ao
Lego Åhléns City 20182.2kmsite_ao
A Swedish Competition Inspired By a Stephen King Novel 20180.8kmsite_ao
Hidden Royal Waiting Hall 20172.4kmsite_ao
This Stunning Metro Station Is Also an Ecological Wonder 20181.6kmsite_ao
Site of the Unsolved Murder of the Former Swedish Prime Minister 20172.2kmsite_ao
Battle of the Elms 20161.6kmsite_ao
This Small Flag Signals That Sweden Is at Peace 20181.3kmsite_ao
Storkyrkobadet 20161.9kmsite_ao
A Viking Runestone in Stockholm’s Old Town 20182kmsite_ao
The Iron Boy 20181.8kmsite_ao
Ribbinska Huset 20181.9kmsite_ao
Parkaden (Car Park) 1.9kmsite_brutalism
Kaknästornet 19631.5kmsite_brutalism
Arkitekturskolan KTH (today: A House Stockholm) 19672.1kmsite_brutalism
Filmhuset 0.8kmsite_brutalism

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