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The Frame Collector’s Museum

Olaf Lemke is an expert gilder, frame-restorer and antique frame dealer. Lemke also collects frames. He has 2,400 of them, dating from the 15th to the early 19th centuries. He says: “To hang a frame without a picture on the wall – a pure object – that is the ultimate luxury.” His collection in Berlin, Germany is open to the public six days a week.



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Berlin – out to Potsdam, the Olympic Stadium and much more. Travelbook en 20132.1kmsite_izi
Schöneberg Gasometer 20192kmsite_ao
Berlin Victory Column 20191.8kmsite_ao
Freedom Bell 20161.6kmsite_ao
Where the Conspirators That Tried to Kill Hitler Met Their Deaths 20161.3kmsite_ao
Where the Conspirators That Tried to Kill Hitler Met Their Deaths 20161.3kmsite_ao
Bahnhof Berlin Zoologischer Garten 20091.5kmsite_ao
Mengenlehreuhr 20131kmsite_ao
Hansa Studios 20162.1kmsite_ao
Wir Waren Nachbarn (We Were Neighbors) 20161.5kmsite_ao
Berlin Story Bunker 20142.1kmsite_ao
Schwerbelastungskörper 20092.2kmsite_ao
Liquidrom in Berlin, Germany 20162.2kmsite_ao
Prussian National Monument for the Liberation Wars 20182.5kmsite_ao
The ‘Hand with Watch’ Sculpture 20182.4kmsite_ao
Museum of Rescued Letters 20182.4kmsite_ao
Berlin’s Museum of Unheard of Things 20171.4kmsite_ao
Berlin’s Massive Carillon 20182.4kmsite_ao
‘Stand By Me’ Tree 20171.5kmsite_ao
Parking Garage and Apartment Complex Kirchbachstraße 1 & 2 1.1kmsite_brutalism
Apartment Complex Uhlandstraße 1.8kmsite_brutalism
Parish Hall 12 Apostles 0.7kmsite_brutalism
BĂŒrohaus An der Urania (today: Landeszentrale fĂŒr politische Bildung) 0.5kmsite_brutalism
Department of architecture, Technische UniversitÀt Berlin 19622.5kmsite_brutalism
St. Norbert 1.8kmsite_brutalism
Academy of Arts (Akademie der KĂŒnste) 19582.4kmsite_brutalism

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