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Atlas Obscura Simrislundsristningen (Simrislund Carvings)

One of the more prominent ties to the ancient world found throughout Sweden are rock carvings, most notably rune stones. However, most are relatively young with the oldest dating to the 11th-century. Older carvings attributed to the Bronze Age are found in the southern regions of the country. The carvings found in eastern Skane are among the oldest in the country.

Not much is known about the people who created these carvings, as there is little remaining regarding their existence outside the carvings and burial mounds. The rock contains depictions of 50 axes, 45 ships, several animals including a horse, and men with phalluses bearing axes. Additionally, there are several geometrical figures and cup marks on the stone. 

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Atlas Obscura 2016
Yangtorp Sanctuary

Discover Yangtorp Sanctuary in Jönstorp, Sweden: A Chinese meditation center in the middle of rural Sweden, partly funded by a member of ABBA.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Jättegrytorna i Tararp (The Tarap Giant Kettles)

Discover Jättegrytorna i Tararp (The Tarap Giant Kettles) in Karlshamn N, Sweden: A geological wonder that helped fuel myths of trolls and giants.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Prästens Badkar (The Priests Bathtub)

Discover Prästens Badkar (The Priests Bathtub) in Simrishamn, Sweden: The world's only above water sand volcano, believed to once be the bathtub of a priest.

Atlas Obscura 2021

Discover Christiansø in Gudhjem, Denmark: This remote island, home to the easternmost point in Denmark, once hosted pirates and a military fortress.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Sankt Olof Holy Springs

Discover Sankt Olof Holy Springs in Simrishamn V, Sweden: These two springs are tied to several legends, one of which involves the travels of Saint Olof.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Østerlars Church

Discover Østerlars Church in Gudhjem, Denmark: The largest of Denmark's seven mysterious round churches stands on an island in the Baltic Sea.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Gryteskogen Troll Trees

Discover Gryteskogen Troll Trees in Lund NO, Sweden: This collection of Dwarf beech trees were once believed to be enchanted trolls in disguise.