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Redpath Sugar Refinery Museum

Redpath Sugar Refinery’s history dates back to 1854, when John Redpath founded the Canada Sugar Refining Company in Montreal. Now located in Toronto and bearing his name, the company’s headquarters features a museum that touches upon the history of the company and sugar manufacturing, as well as modern techniques and technology. The museum’s entrance is located at the back of the facility and can be accessed only when its curator is present.

After walking through the busy and noisy grounds of this active factory, you are welcomed into the quiet museum to view informative exhibits and artifacts. Starting with the origins of sugar-making, the exhibits continue to illustrate and portray the life and times of John Redpath. After continuing with the history of the company until modern times, you’ll learn about modern-day sugar production by watching a short and engaging video. Through the lens of the history of Redpath sugar, the sugar manufacturing process, and the Redpath family, you’ll get an overview of some parts of Canadian history as well. 


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