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Atlas Obscura A Statue of Walt Whitman, Striding Across a Rock

Walt Whitman, bard of the great outdoors, knew a picturesque path when he saw one. Today, if you venture to Bear Mountain, in New York’s Hudson Valley, you’ll find a statue of the poet and a bit of verse encouraging hikers trekking along the Appalachian Trail to celebrate the journey through the fresh air.

The statue, made by sculptor Jo Davidson, depicts Whitman ambling along mid-stride, shifting his weight from one foot to the other while his coat flaps in the invisible wind. He clutches a hat in his hand and tilts his chin toward the sky, as though captivated by something in the canopy or clouds.

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Atlas Obscura 2018
Van Gelder Studio

Discover Van Gelder Studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Hundreds of iconic jazz records were made in this church-like space.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Teitel Brothers

Discover Teitel Brothers in Bronx, New York: The mosaic Star of David at the front of this store hints that it's no ordinary Italian grocer.

Atlas Obscura 2022
Parkchester Terracotta Sculptures

Discover Parkchester Terracotta Sculptures in Bronx, New York: These sculptures were designed to beautify this neighborhood when it was established in the 1940s.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Audubon Mural Project

Discover Audubon Mural Project in New York, New York: Walking around West Harlem reveals a scavenger hunt of beautiful bird murals.

Atlas Obscura 2017
Hispanic Society Museum and Library

Discover Hispanic Society Museum and Library in New York, New York: This Manhattan museum houses one of the largest collections of Spanish art and manuscripts outside of Spain.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Fordham Cemetery

Discover Fordham Cemetery in Bronx, New York: A small graveyard is hidden in the midst of a bustling university campus.

Brutalism 1959
Begrisch Hall, Bronx Community College, City University of New York
Atlas Obscura 2018

Discover Manitoga in Garrison, New York: This sprawling woodland estate was the brainchild of iconic American industrial designer Russel Wright.

Atlas Obscura 2021
Saw Mill River Daylighting

Discover Saw Mill River Daylighting in Yonkers, New York: A waterway covered over after the Industrial Revolution has been unearthed and cleaned up, for the enjoyment of fish and humans alike.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Edward Payson Roe Memorial Park

Discover Edward Payson Roe Memorial Park in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York: A plaque on a rock dedicated to a famous, forgotten author, and put in an impossible place.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Thomas Edison’s Concrete Houses

Discover Thomas Edison's Concrete Houses in Montclair, New Jersey: Edison's cast-in-place concrete houses were a massive failure, but way ahead of their time.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Radburn, New Jersey

Discover Radburn, New Jersey in Fair Lawn, New Jersey: The first neighborhood to implement the Garden City model in its suburban planning.

Atlas Obscura 2016
The Seely House

Discover The Seely House in Mamaroneck, New York: The "Skinny House" is made from scrap, salvage, and a neighbor’s kindness.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Old Beacon Hat Mill

Discover Old Beacon Hat Mill in Beacon, New York: A 19th century hat factory still stands as a crumbling ruin in upstate New York.

Atlas Obscura 2018
The Numbered Stakes of Old Letchworth Village Cemetery

Instead of names, numbered stakes hidden in the woods mark the graves of the lost souls of the nearby asylum.

Atlas Obscura 2017
Lyndhurst Bowling Alley

Discover Lyndhurst Bowling Alley in Tarrytown, New York: One of the earliest bowling lanes in the U.S. doubled as a sewing school during a time when women had little job opportunity.

Atlas Obscura 2019
William Spain Seismic Observatory

Discover William Spain Seismic Observatory in Bronx, New York: An unassuming stone building houses New York City's oldest seismic station almost 30 feet below the Bronx.

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Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route New Jersey
Audio Guide
Audio Guide
In Washington’s Shadow
Atlas Obscura 2019
Mount Moor Cemetery

Discover Mount Moor Cemetery in West Nyack, New York: A historic Black graveyard hidden in the parking lot of one of America's largest malls.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Ruins of the Mount Beacon Incline Railway

Discover Ruins of the Mount Beacon Incline Railway in Beacon, New York: The remains of what was once the world's steepest passenger funicular.

Brutalism 1970
Combustion Engineering Corporation Headquarters
Atlas Obscura 2016
Memorial to America’s First Circus Elephant

Discover Memorial to America’s First Circus Elephant in Somers, New York: This high-perched pachyderm marks the memory of not one, but two elephants gunned down in small New England towns.

Atlas Obscura 2018
New York’s Chuang Yen Monastery

Discover New York's Chuang Yen Monastery in Carmel Hamlet, New York: The largest Buddha statue in the Western Hemisphere is just 50 miles north of NYC.

Atlas Obscura 2020
West Terrace at the Cloisters

Discover West Terrace at the Cloisters in New York, New York: This hidden oasis features a stunning view of the Hudson River and the Palisades from a castle-like museum.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Amiable Child Monument

Discover Amiable Child Monument in New York, New York: One of the only single-person private gravesites in New York City.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Margaret Corbin’s Grave

Discover Margaret Corbin's Grave in West Point, New York: West Point’s only monument to a woman veteran stands above an empty grave.

Atlas Obscura 2019
This Old-School Ice Cream Parlor Was Also the Setting for One of TV’s Most Controversial Scenes

Holsten's was the last place the world saw the Sopranos family.

Atlas Obscura 2017
Cliff Dale Manor Ruins

Discover Cliff Dale Manor Ruins in Alpine, New Jersey: Along the Palisades skyline are the ruins of a large mansion built in 1911 and demolished in the 1930s.

Atlas Obscura 2017
The Ruins of Van Slyke Castle in New Jersey

The century-old mansion met its fiery demise after years of desertion.

Church of the Crucifixion
Atlas Obscura 2020
Glacial Erratic

Discover Glacial Erratic in Pleasantville, New York: This giant rock arrived at this quiet park thousands of years ago on the back of a massive glacier.

Atlas Obscura 2022
The Armour-Stiner Octagon House

Discover The

Atlas Obscura 2016
Madava Farms at Crown Maple

Discover Madava Farms at Crown Maple in Dover Plains, New York: The second largest maple syrup producer in the U.S. runs a high-tech operation.

Atlas Obscura 2021
The House by the Railroad

Discover The

Atlas Obscura 2019
Timbuktu Islamic Center Food Vendors

Discover Timbuktu Islamic Center Food Vendors in New York, New York: These small stands sell Malian snacks to worshippers and passersby after Friday prayers in Harlem.

Atlas Obscura 2016
Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s Grave

Discover Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Grave in Bronx, New York: A monument stands to the famous suffragist who penned the declaration for women's equal rights, including the right to vote.

Atlas Obscura 2017
United Palace Theatre

Discover United Palace Theatre in New York, New York: One of the last Jazz Age "Wonder Theaters" in New York City.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Trinity Church Cemetery & Mausoleum

Discover Trinity Church Cemetery & Mausoleum in New York, New York: You must take the A train… to the last active cemetery in Manhattan.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Bartow-Pell Mansion

Discover Bartow-Pell Mansion in Bronx, New York: This old estate is a remnant of when the Bronx was a popular summer destination for wealthy New Yorkers.

Atlas Obscura 2022
Mausoleum of Egbert Ludovicus Viele


Atlas Obscura 2016

Discover Slabsides in Highland, New York: The rustic think-space of famed naturalist John Burroughs stands exactly as he left it.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Innisfree Garden

Discover Innisfree Garden in Millbrook, New York: This once-private estate is now a dreamy, meditative garden that's open to the public.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Iviswold Castle

Discover Iviswold Castle in Rutherford, New Jersey: Originally built in 1869, this castle is currently part of Felician University's campus.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Bronx Zoo ‘Fountain of Youth’

Discover Bronx Zoo 'Fountain of Youth' in Bronx, New York: Hidden inside one of the world's most well-visited zoos is a secret plaque promising eternal life.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Lenoir Preserve

Discover Lenoir Preserve in Yonkers, New York: A beautiful, historic location open to the public.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Shorakkopoch Rock

Discover Shorakkopoch Rock in New York, New York: A large boulder marks the place where the island of Manhattan was purportedly "sold" to the Dutch.

Atlas Obscura 2018
The Oldest Dutch Colonial Farmhouse in Manhattan

Built around 1785, it's a rare relic of rural Manhattan.

Atlas Obscura 2017
A Quaker Library, Crammed with Curiosities

At the Akin Free Library, you'll find oddities like swallowed spoon handles and a shrunken head.

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How Dutch is New York? – The Hudson Valley Tour
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Atlas Obscura 2021
Mahwah Museum

Discover Mahwah Museum in Mahwah, New Jersey: This 150-year-old train station and caboose have been turned into a railroad museum, enjoyed by young and old alike.

Atlas Obscura 2017
A World War II Submarine Stuck in the Mud in New Jersey

The USS Ling was the centerpiece of the New Jersey Naval Museum, but now sits neglected in the Hackensack River.

Atlas Obscura 2022
Villa Charlotte Brontë

Discover Villa Charlotte Brontë in Bronx, New York: Built in the 1920s, this co-op in the Bronx feels more like an Italian villa than a typical New York apartment building.

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Audio Guide
Wild Walk CUUC – The Way of the Bodhisattva
Brutalism 1963
Orange County Government Center
Atlas Obscura 2017
Hamilton Grange

Discover Hamilton Grange in New York, New York: The only home that Alexander Hamilton ever owned has a history almost as troubled as his own.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Rivers Cosmogram

Discover Rivers Cosmogram in New York, New York: A memorial marks the library lobby where Langston Hughes' ashes are buried.

Audio Guide
Audio Guide
How Dutch is New York? – The New Paltz Huguenot Street Tour
en nl
Atlas Obscura 2018
The Sisyphus Stones

Discover The Sisyphus Stones in New York, New York: Hordes of precariously balanced stone figures crowd the shores of the Hudson River.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Stamford’s Miniature Ghost Town

Discover Stamford's Miniature Ghost Town in Stamford, Connecticut: Forgotten under the construction of a new urban roadway is a small, abandoned part of town.

Atlas Obscura 2018
A Tiny Old-Growth Forest in the Bronx

This plot is the largest surviving remnant of New York City's original woodland.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Concrete Plant Park

Discover Concrete Plant Park in Bronx, New York: A riverfront park that both remediated and preserved its industrial past.

Atlas Obscura 2019
These Caves Stay Icy All Year

It's always chilly within the largest known open fault in the United States.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Cafe al Mercato

Discover Cafe al Mercato in Bronx, New York: Seriously good slices of Sicilian pizza lurk at the back of the Bronx's oldest enclosed market.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Headless Horseman Bridge

Discover Headless Horseman Bridge in Sleepy Hollow, New York: The real-life site of Ichabod Crane's infamous gourd attack.

Atlas Obscura 2022
Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park

Discover Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park in Paterson, New Jersey: The power of these falls was fully recognized by Alexander Hamilton.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Nano Billiards Cafe

Discover Nano Billiards Cafe in Bronx, New York: A basement pool hall is the front for some of the best Dominican food in New York City.

Atlas Obscura 2017
Welwyn Preserve

Discover Welwyn Preserve in Glen Cove, New York: The abandoned grounds and derelict greenhouses of this once-magnificent Edwardian estate are now a nature preserve open for exploration.

Atlas Obscura 2016
Holiday Train Show at New York Botanical Garden

Discover Holiday Train Show at New York Botanical Garden in Bronx, New York: Every year model trains zip through a miniature New York City that's now 150 landmarks strong.

Atlas Obscura 2022
West 230th Step Street

Discover West 230th Step Street in Bronx, New York: The longest step street in the city.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Bill’s Place

Discover Bill's Place in New York, New York: This speakeasy continues the Prohibition-era legacy of Harlem's jazzy Swing Street.