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Atlas Obscura A Cave Shrouded In Mystery

It’s easy to miss if you don’t know where it is, but an innocuous-looking rabbit hole in Shifnal, Shropshire holds the the entrance to a intriguing cave, which legend has it was built and used by the mysterious Knights Templar for their secret rituals. However there is no concrete evidence to link this site with the 12th century religious military order and many experts have refuted the accuracy of this rumor. 

The mysterious cave system is intriguing nonetheless. The caves, which appear largely untouched, are located on the grounds of Caynton Hall and contain a network of walkways and arches beautifully carved out of sandstone. Spelunkers may need to crawl through some particularly narrow chambers to fully explore the tunnel. Walking (or crawling) through the caves, you can see niches created for candles and symbols drawn on the walls and roofs, and deep within the cave is a font, a stone structure used to hold water for baptisms. 

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World Heritage Site 1986
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St. Matthew
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Audio Guide
Audio Guide
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Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery

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Chateau Impney

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The Complete Collection of Old British Phone Booths

You used to call me from the kiosk.

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Minerals and Physical Metallurgy Building, University of Birmingham
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England’s Last Occupied Troglodyte Dwellings

The Holy Austin Rock Houses weren't abandoned until the 1960s.

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Les Oakes and Sons Architectural Reclamation Yard

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The Ruins of Titterstone Clee Hill

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John Bonham’s Grave

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The Frog Clock

Discover The Frog Clock in Telford, England: This whimsical, unique clock has been entertaining shoppers for well over 20 years.

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The Damaged Faces of Lichfield Cathedral

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Bridgnorth Cliff Railway

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