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United States


World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Audio Guides
23rd Precinct, NYC Police Department / Engine Company No. 53, Ladder Company No. 43, 4th Division, NYC Fire Department 0km site_brutalism
28th Precinct NYC Police Department 0km site_brutalism
68th Precinct, NYC Police Department 0km site_brutalism
Addition to San Francisco Art Institute 19690km site_brutalism
Akron Institute / Falls Medical Building 19590km site_brutalism
Alley Theatre 19650km site_brutalism
Alumni Memorial Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) 19450km site_brutalism
American Express Building 0km site_brutalism
American Press Institute 19720km site_brutalism
Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California 0km site_brutalism
Arapahoe Community College 19730km site_brutalism
Arlington Temple 19620km site_brutalism
Armstrong Rubber Company Headquarters (Pirelli Tire Building) 19680km site_brutalism
Art and Architecture Building, Yale University 19590km site_brutalism
Asarco Headquarters 19640km site_brutalism
AT&T Longlines Building (33 Thomas Street) 0km site_brutalism
Atlanta Central Library 19690km site_brutalism
Baker House Dormitory, Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) 19470km site_brutalism
Baltimore County Courts 19750km site_brutalism
Bath Building 0km site_brutalism
Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center, Yale University 19680km site_brutalism
Begrisch Hall, Bronx Community College, City University of New York 19590km site_brutalism
Behavioral Sciences Building, University of Illinois 19670km site_brutalism
Berkeley Art Museum, University of California 19640km site_brutalism
Boston Architectural Center (today Boston Architectural College) 19630km site_brutalism
Boston City Hall 19620km site_brutalism
Boston Government Service Center 19620km site_brutalism
Bracken Library, Ball State University 0km site_brutalism
Bradfield Hall, Cornell University 0km site_brutalism
Briggs Hall, University of California 0km site_brutalism
Broome County Cultural Center (today Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena) 0km site_brutalism
Broward County Southern Regional Courthouse 0km site_brutalism
Buffalo City Court Building 0km site_brutalism
Buffalo News Building 0km site_brutalism
Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site 19820km site_whs
Campus Center (today: Hotel UMass), University of Massachusetts 0km site_brutalism
Carlsbad Caverns National Park 19950km site_whs
Carpenter Center, Harvard University 19600km site_brutalism
Cedar Square West (today: Riverside Plaza) 19730km site_brutalism
Central Library 0km site_brutalism
Chaco Culture 19870km site_whs
Chapel of the Holy Cross 0km site_brutalism
Chatham Towers 19590km site_brutalism
Christ Episcopal Church 0km site_brutalism
Church of the Crucifixion 0km site_brutalism
Citibank 0km site_brutalism
City Hall 0km site_brutalism
City Hall 0km site_brutalism
City Hall 19720km site_brutalism
City Hall 0km site_brutalism
City Hall 0km site_brutalism
Civic Center Synagogue 0km site_brutalism
Clowes Memorial Hall and Opera House, Butler University 0km site_brutalism
College of Environmental Design, Building 7, California Polytechnic State University 0km site_brutalism
Colony Square 19670km site_brutalism
Combustion Engineering Corporation Headquarters 19700km site_brutalism
Coral Gables Public Safety Building 19730km site_brutalism
Corson Auditorium / Grand Traverse Performing Arts Center 0km site_brutalism
Crosley Tower, University of Cincinnati 19640km site_brutalism
Cummings Life Science Center, University of Chicago 0km site_brutalism
Dartmouth Campus, University of Massachusetts 19620km site_brutalism
DCFD Engine 2 Rescue 1 0km site_brutalism
E. S. Bird Library, Syracuse University 19690km site_brutalism
Earl W. Brydges Public Library 19690km site_brutalism
Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse 0km site_brutalism
Elicott Complex, University of Buffalo 0km site_brutalism
Empire State Plaza 19620km site_brutalism
Engineering Center, University of Colorado 0km site_brutalism
Everglades National Park 19790km site_whs
Everson Museum of Art 19650km site_brutalism
Exodus House 0km site_brutalism
Ezra Stiles and Morse Colleges, Yale University 19590km site_brutalism
Fall River Government Center 0km site_brutalism
Farris Engineering Center, University of New Mexico 19670km site_brutalism
Federal Building / United States Courthouse 0km site_brutalism
Federal Reserve 0km site_brutalism
Fine Arts Center, University of Massachusetts 0km site_brutalism
First Unitarian Church 19590km site_brutalism
Free Public Library 0km site_brutalism
Geisel Library, University of California 0km site_brutalism
Gelman Library, George Washington University 19710km site_brutalism
George Wharton Pepper Middle School 19690km site_brutalism
Glendale Civic Center 0km site_brutalism
Goddard Library, Clark University 19650km site_brutalism
Government Center 0km site_brutalism
Government Center Parking Garage 19670km site_brutalism
Grand Canyon National Park 19790km site_whs
Graphic Arts Technical Center 0km site_brutalism
Great Smoky Mountains National Park 19830km site_whs
Guilford County Law Enforcement Center 19700km site_brutalism
Gund Hall, Harvard University 0km site_brutalism
Haggett Hall, University of Washington 0km site_brutalism
Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas 0km site_brutalism
Hawaii State Capitol 0km site_brutalism
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park 19870km site_whs
Hawaiian Electric Company 20160km site_brutalism
Henry Hinds Laboratory, University of Chicago 0km site_brutalism
Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art 0km site_brutalism
Holiday Inn Chinatown (today: Hilton Hotel) 19680km site_brutalism
Holyoke Center 0km site_brutalism
House of the Book, Brandeis-Bardin Institute, American Jewish University 0km site_brutalism
Houston Post (today: Houston Chronicle) 0km site_brutalism
Hubert H. Humphrey Building 19720km site_brutalism
Humanities Building, University of New Mexico 19720km site_brutalism
Huron Towers 0km site_brutalism
Independence Hall 19790km site_whs
International House 19680km site_brutalism
J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building 19620km site_brutalism
Jackson House 0km site_brutalism
James H. Albertson Center for Learning Resources, University Of Wisconsin, Stevens Point 19670km site_brutalism
Jennie King Mellon Library, Chatham College 0km site_brutalism
Jim Ellis Freeway Park 0km site_brutalism
John E. Fogarty Memorial Building 0km site_brutalism
John Muir College 19660km site_brutalism
John Stauffer Science Lecture Hall, University of Southern California 0km site_brutalism
Johnson Building, Boston Public Library 19670km site_brutalism
Joseph Regenstein Library, University of Chicago 0km site_brutalism
Kansas City International Airport 0km site_brutalism
Katselas House 0km site_brutalism
Kendrick Lakes Elementary School 0km site_brutalism
Kirsch Home 0km site_brutalism
Kluane / Wrangell-St. Elias / Glacier Bay / Tatshenshini-Alsek 19790km site_whs
Knight Campus, Rhode Island Junior College 0km site_brutalism
Knights of Columbus Building 19650km site_brutalism
Knights of Columbus Museum 0km site_brutalism
La Fortaleza and San Juan National Historic Site in Puerto Rico 19830km site_whs
Lake Anne Village Center 19630km site_brutalism
Larsen Hall, Harvard University 0km site_brutalism
Launinger Library, Georgetown University 0km site_brutalism
Law and Education Tower (Pappas Law Tower), Boston University 0km site_brutalism
Library, Crafton Hills Community College 0km site_brutalism
Lincoln Executive Plaza (today Daily Herald Building) 0km site_brutalism
Lincoln Square Synagogue 0km site_brutalism
Loeb Drama Center 0km site_brutalism
Louis D. Brandeis Hall of Justice 0km site_brutalism
Lovett College, Rice University 0km site_brutalism
Mailman Center for Child Development, University of Miami 0km site_brutalism
Maine North High School 0km site_brutalism
Mammoth Cave National Park 19810km site_whs
Married Students Housing, Yale University 19600km site_brutalism
McMahon Hall, University of Washington 0km site_brutalism
Melvin Municipal Office Building / Guilford County Courthouse 0km site_brutalism
Mesa Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) 19610km site_brutalism
Mesa Verde National Park 19780km site_whs
Metropolitan Correctional Center 0km site_brutalism
Miami Police Department 0km site_brutalism
Miami-Dade County School Board Administration Building South Tower 0km site_brutalism
Milwaukee County War Memorial 0km site_brutalism
Monticello and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville 19870km site_whs
Monumental Earthworks of Poverty Point 20140km site_whs
Morris A. Mechanic Theater 19650km site_brutalism
Morristown Skymart 19640km site_brutalism
Mosse Humanities Building, University of Wisconsin 0km site_brutalism
Mosswood Building (today: Kaiser Permanente Pediatrics Building) 0km site_brutalism
Mudd Center, Oberlin College Library 0km site_brutalism
Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers 0km site_brutalism
New England Aquarium 19620km site_brutalism
New Haven Central Fire Station 19590km site_brutalism
New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum 19650km site_brutalism
Newman Hall-Holy Spirit Parish 0km site_brutalism
Norris University Center, Northwestern University 0km site_brutalism
North Building (today: Peter and Pat Cook Academic Hall), Grand Rapids Community College 19670km site_brutalism
North Seattle College 0km site_brutalism
Nuclear Reactor Building (Moore Hall Annex), University of Washington 0km site_brutalism
Oak Cliff Savings and Loan Building (today: Faulkner Tower) 0km site_brutalism
Oakland Museum (today: Oakland Museum of California) 0km site_brutalism
Ocean Hill Intermediate School 0km site_brutalism
Ohio Historical Center 0km site_brutalism
Old Westbury Campus, State University of New York 0km site_brutalism
Olympic National Park 19810km site_whs
One Commercial Place 19650km site_brutalism
Orange County Government Center 19630km site_brutalism
Orlando Public Library 19620km site_brutalism
Pacific Gas and Electric Company San Francisco (Embarcadero Substation) 0km site_brutalism
Paier College of Art 0km site_brutalism
Palm Springs Desert Museum (today: Palm Springs Art Museum) 0km site_brutalism
Papahānaumokuākea 20100km site_whs
Parking Garage, University of Pennsylvania 19610km site_brutalism
Perry–Castañeda Library 19740km site_brutalism
Pet Milk Building (today: Pointe 400 Luxury Apartments) 0km site_brutalism
Philadelphia Police Department Headquarters “Roundhouse” 19590km site_brutalism
Phillips Memorial Library, Providence College 0km site_brutalism
Physical Science Center, University of Oklahoma 19670km site_brutalism
Pima Community College West Campus 19660km site_brutalism
Port Authority Heliport (today: Terrace on the Park) 19620km site_brutalism
Prentice Women’s Hospital 19690km site_brutalism
R.L. Smith Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics Building, Michigan Technological University 19690km site_brutalism
Rarig Center, University of Minnesota 0km site_brutalism
Raymond Hillard Homes 0km site_brutalism
Redding Civic Auditorium 0km site_brutalism
Redwood National and State Parks 19800km site_whs
Richard C. Lee High School 0km site_brutalism
Richards Medical Research Laboratories, University of Pennsylvania 19570km site_brutalism
Robert C. Weaver Federal Building 19650km site_brutalism
Roosevelt Island “Northtown” 0km site_brutalism
Rowland Hall, University of California 0km site_brutalism
Rutland Road Houses 0km site_brutalism
Salk Institute 19620km site_brutalism
San Antonio Missions 20150km site_whs
San Diego Stadium (today: SDCCU Stadium) 19650km site_brutalism
Schmitt Academic Center, DePaul University 0km site_brutalism
Sea Ranch 19660km site_brutalism
Second Church of Christ, Scientist (later: Christian Church Buckhead) 19840km site_brutalism
Seeley G. Mudd Building 19780km site_brutalism
Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum 19690km site_brutalism
South-Kendall Campus, Miami Dade College 0km site_brutalism
Southside Middle School 19660km site_brutalism
St. Basil Catholic Chruch 0km site_brutalism
St. Francis de Sales 0km site_brutalism
St. John’s Abbey Church 19500km site_brutalism
St. Mary’s Hospital 0km site_brutalism
St. Paul’s Cathedral 19710km site_brutalism
Stage Center (Mummer’s Theater) 19650km site_brutalism
Statue of Liberty 19840km site_whs
Storke Tower and Communications Plaza 19690km site_brutalism
Strom Thurmond Federal Building and United States Courthouse 19750km site_brutalism
Swaim House 19680km site_brutalism
Taos Pueblo 19920km site_whs
Temple Beth Zion 0km site_brutalism
Temple Street Parking Garage 19580km site_brutalism
The 20th-Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright 20190km site_whs
The Egg 0km site_brutalism
The Rieveschl House 19880km site_brutalism
Tiber Island Cooperative Homes / Carrollsburg Square Condominium 0km site_brutalism
Towson Library 0km site_brutalism
Tucson City Hall 19600km site_brutalism
Tucson Community Center Music Hall, Little Theater, Arena 19710km site_brutalism
Tucson Police Department and Tucson Fire Department 19670km site_brutalism
U.S. Federal Building 19690km site_brutalism
Union Bank 19710km site_brutalism
United Covenant Presbyterian Church 0km site_brutalism
United States Post Office 19700km site_brutalism
University of Arizona Main Library 19720km site_brutalism
University of Arizona Mathematics Building 19650km site_brutalism
University Theater, CSU Dominguez Hills 19730km site_brutalism
Upper Hearst Parking Structure 0km site_brutalism
Vilas Communication Hall, University of Wisconsin 19660km site_brutalism
Warner College of Natural Resources, Colorado State University 0km site_brutalism
Washington Metro (Waffle Slab Vault Stations) 19680km site_brutalism
Waterton Glacier International Peace Park 19950km site_whs
Wean Hall, Carnegie Mellon University 0km site_brutalism
Weiss Research Building 0km site_brutalism
Wesley W. Posvar Hall (WWPH), University of Pittsburgh 0km site_brutalism
Whitney Museum of Art (today The Met Breuer) 0km site_brutalism
Wichita Public Library 0km site_brutalism
William P. Hobby State Office Building 19830km site_brutalism
Wilson Hall, Fermilab 19710km site_brutalism
Women’s National Democratic Club Annex 0km site_brutalism
Wurster Hall (UC Berkeley) 19580km site_brutalism
Yale Art Gallery 19510km site_brutalism
Yellowstone National Park 19780km site_whs
Yosemite Hall, California Polytechnic State University 0km site_brutalism
Yosemite National Park 19840km site_whs