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United Kingdom


World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Audio Guides
20th Century Building on South Hill Park, NW3 0kmsite_brutalism
269 Leigham Court Road 19680kmsite_brutalism
Acland Burghley School 19630kmsite_brutalism
Adam Smith Building, University of Glasgow 0kmsite_brutalism
Alexandra and Ainsworth Road Estate 0kmsite_brutalism
Allbrook House and Roehampton Library 19590kmsite_brutalism
Alton Estate West 0kmsite_brutalism
Andrew Melville Hall, University of St. Andrews 19640kmsite_brutalism
Annex “Old Vic” Theater 0kmsite_brutalism
Apollo Pavilion (Pasmore Pavilion) 0kmsite_brutalism
Arts Barn, University of Bath 19800kmsite_brutalism
Assembly Hall, Bootham School 0kmsite_brutalism
Assembly Rooms 0kmsite_brutalism
Attenborough (formerly Gardner) Arts Centre, University of Sussex 19650kmsite_brutalism
Balfron Tower 19630kmsite_brutalism
Bank House 0kmsite_brutalism
Barbican Estate 19650kmsite_brutalism
Bebington Central Library 19650kmsite_brutalism
Birmingham Central Library 0kmsite_brutalism
Blaenavon Industrial Landscape 20000kmsite_whs
Blenheim Palace 19870kmsite_whs
Bodleian Law Library, St. Cross Building, University of Oxford 0kmsite_brutalism
Brian Housden House 0kmsite_brutalism
Brighthelm Church & Community Centre 19860kmsite_brutalism
Brixton Recreation Centre 19710kmsite_brutalism
Brodie Tower, University of Liverpool 19550kmsite_brutalism
Brunel University Lecture Center 0kmsite_brutalism
Brunswick Centre (Fonding Estate) 19670kmsite_brutalism
Cambridge School of Architecture 0kmsite_brutalism
Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine’s Abbey, and St Martin’s Church 19880kmsite_whs
Casson Pavilion, London Zoo 19620kmsite_brutalism
Castle Car Park, Templar Square 0kmsite_brutalism
Castles and Town Walls of King Edward in Gwynedd 19860kmsite_whs
Central Hall, University of York 0kmsite_brutalism
Churchill College 19590kmsite_brutalism
City of Bath 19870kmsite_whs
Civil Aviation Authority Building 19640kmsite_brutalism
Coralline Walk 0kmsite_brutalism
Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape 20060kmsite_whs
Cranbrook Estate 0kmsite_brutalism
Crown Building CP2 0kmsite_brutalism
Cumbernauld Town Centre 0kmsite_brutalism
Czechoslovakian Embassy 0kmsite_brutalism
Dawson’s Heights 19640kmsite_brutalism
Denys Wilkinson Building 19670kmsite_brutalism
Derwent Tower (Dunston Rocket) 0kmsite_brutalism
Derwent Valley Mills 20010kmsite_whs
Dining Hall, Darwin College 19650kmsite_brutalism
Dorset and East Devon Coast 20010kmsite_whs
Dunelm House, Durham University 0kmsite_brutalism
Durham Castle and Cathedral 19860kmsite_whs
Economist Cluster 19600kmsite_brutalism
Engineering Building, Leicester University 19570kmsite_brutalism
Eros House 0kmsite_brutalism
Frontiers of the Roman Empire 19870kmsite_whs
Gascoyne Estate, Bentham Road 0kmsite_brutalism
Giant’s Causeway and Causeway Coast 19860kmsite_whs
Gorham’s Cave Complex 20160kmsite_whs
Gough and Inaccessible Islands 19950kmsite_whs
Grantchester Road Residential Building 0kmsite_brutalism
Harvey Court (Gonville & Caius College) 19570kmsite_brutalism
Hayward Gallery 19610kmsite_brutalism
Heart of Neolithic Orkney 19990kmsite_whs
Henderson Island 19880kmsite_whs
Heygate Estate 0kmsite_brutalism
Hilda Besse Building, St. Antony’s College 19600kmsite_brutalism
Historic Town of St George and Related Fortifications, Bermuda 20000kmsite_whs
Horizon Building 19680kmsite_brutalism
Hudson Beare Lecture Theatre, Edinburgh University 0kmsite_brutalism
Hunterian Art Gallery & Mackintosh House 0kmsite_brutalism
Hutchesontown C 0kmsite_brutalism
Hyde Park Barracks 0kmsite_brutalism
Imperial Hotel 19660kmsite_brutalism
Ironbridge Gorge 19860kmsite_whs
Jodrell Bank Observatory 20190kmsite_whs
Julius Gottlieb Boathouse & Gallery, Carmel College 19680kmsite_brutalism
Keble College 0kmsite_brutalism
Keeling House 0kmsite_brutalism
Knottingley Sports Centre 0kmsite_brutalism
Lambeth Towers 19640kmsite_brutalism
Langham House Close (Ham Common) 0kmsite_brutalism
Library, SOAS University 0kmsite_brutalism
Lillington Gardens 19610kmsite_brutalism
Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City 20040kmsite_whs
Lyttelton House 0kmsite_brutalism
Macadam Building, King’s College London 19720kmsite_brutalism
Main Spectator Stand, Gala Fairydean Rovers F.C. 0kmsite_brutalism
Maritime Greenwich 19970kmsite_whs
Marquess Road Estate 0kmsite_brutalism
Minerals and Physical Metallurgy Building, University of Birmingham 19620kmsite_brutalism
Ministry of Justice 0kmsite_brutalism
Moore Street Electricity Substation 0kmsite_brutalism
National Theatre 0kmsite_brutalism
Needler Hall, Hall of Residence, University of Hull 0kmsite_brutalism
New Hall (today: Murray Edwards College) 19580kmsite_brutalism
New Hall Place / Royal Sun Alliance Building (today The Capital) 19720kmsite_brutalism
New Lanark 20010kmsite_whs
New Street Signal Box 0kmsite_brutalism
Norrish Central Library 19700kmsite_brutalism
Northern Co-operative Store (“Norco House”, today: John Lewis Store), 0kmsite_brutalism
Nuffield Transplantation Surgery Unit (Western General Hospital) 0kmsite_brutalism
Old and New Towns of Edinburgh 19950kmsite_whs
Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey including Saint Margaret’s Church 19870kmsite_whs
Park Hill 0kmsite_brutalism
Peckham Car Park (today: Peckham Levels) 0kmsite_brutalism
Perronet House 19690kmsite_brutalism
Pimlico Academy 0kmsite_brutalism
Police Station 19670kmsite_brutalism
Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal 20090kmsite_whs
Preston Bus Station 19600kmsite_brutalism
Queen Elisabeth II Law Courts 0kmsite_brutalism
Robin Hood Gardens 19660kmsite_brutalism
Roger Stevens Building, University of Leeds 0kmsite_brutalism
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 20030kmsite_whs
Royal College of Physicians 0kmsite_brutalism
Runcorn New Town (Southgate Estate) 0kmsite_brutalism
Saltaire 20010kmsite_whs
Salter’s Hall 19680kmsite_brutalism
Sampson House 0kmsite_brutalism
School of Music, Cardiff University 0kmsite_brutalism
Secondary School (Smithdon High School) 19490kmsite_brutalism
Showroom Hille (Furniture Hille) 0kmsite_brutalism
Sports Hall, University of Hull 19630kmsite_brutalism
St Bride’s Roman Catholic Church 19570kmsite_brutalism
St James’s Place 19590kmsite_brutalism
St Kilda 19860kmsite_whs
St. Giles Hotel 19710kmsite_brutalism
St. James Centre 19640kmsite_brutalism
St. Matthew 19590kmsite_brutalism
St. Peter and Paul Church (Cathedral of Clifton) 0kmsite_brutalism
St. Peter’s Seminary 19530kmsite_brutalism
Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites 19860kmsite_whs
Studio Bernat Klein 0kmsite_brutalism
Studley Royal Park including the Ruins of Fountains Abbey 19860kmsite_whs
Sugden House 19550kmsite_brutalism
Sydney Jones Library, University of Liverpool 0kmsite_brutalism
Templeton College (today: Oxford Saïd Business School) 19670kmsite_brutalism
The English Lake District 20170kmsite_whs
The Forth Bridge 20150kmsite_whs
The Savoy Centre 19710kmsite_brutalism
Theological College 0kmsite_brutalism
Tinbergen Building, Departement of Zoology and Psychology 19650kmsite_brutalism
Tower Hotel 0kmsite_brutalism
Tower of London 19880kmsite_whs
Trellick Tower 0kmsite_brutalism
Tricorn Centre 0kmsite_brutalism
Trinity Hall 0kmsite_brutalism
Trinity Square 19620kmsite_brutalism
Ulster Museum Extension 19620kmsite_brutalism
University of East Anglia (UEA) 19620kmsite_brutalism
University of Sussex 19590kmsite_brutalism
Wates Blocks 19650kmsite_brutalism
Welbeck Street Car Park 0kmsite_brutalism
Wolfson Institute, Hammersmith Hospital 0kmsite_brutalism
Workshops & Housing, Loudoun Road 0kmsite_brutalism
World’s End Estate 0kmsite_brutalism
Worsley Medical and Dental Building 0kmsite_brutalism
Wrexham Police Station 0kmsite_brutalism
Wyndham Court 19620kmsite_brutalism
Yorkshire Building Society (High Point) 0kmsite_brutalism