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World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Audio Guides
Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe 20070km site_whs
Boarding School 19740km site_brutalism
Campus Technik, University of Innsbruck 19660km site_brutalism
Church of the Holy Trinity (Wotrubakirche / Kirche zur Heiligen Dreifaltigkeit) 19740km site_brutalism
City of Graz – Historic Centre and Schloss Eggenberg 19990km site_whs
Congress Center Thermenkongress 19680km site_brutalism
Council Memory Church 19670km site_brutalism
Easter Church (Osterkirche) 0km site_brutalism
Fertö / Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape 20010km site_whs
German Embassy Vienna 19590km site_brutalism
Glaubenskirche 19620km site_brutalism
Großwarasdorf School 0km site_brutalism
Hallstatt-Dachstein / Salzkammergut Cultural Landscape 19970km site_whs
Historic Centre of the City of Salzburg 19960km site_whs
Historic Centre of Vienna 20010km site_whs
Hospital Oberwart 19710km site_brutalism
Kulturzentrum Mattersburg 19720km site_brutalism
Maria Annunciation (Maria Verkündigung) Glanzing 19690km site_brutalism
Mariannhill Boarding School 19630km site_brutalism
Middle School and High School 19640km site_brutalism
Oberbaumgartner Parish Church 19630km site_brutalism
Oblates of St. Paul’s Monastery 19700km site_brutalism
Pädagogische Akademie (today: Graz International Bilingual School) 0km site_brutalism
Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn 19960km site_whs
Parish of the Good Shepherd (Pfarrkirche Zum Guten Hirten) 19630km site_brutalism
Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps 20110km site_whs
Residential Highrise, Althofenstraße 19710km site_brutalism
Retirement Home St. Martin 0km site_brutalism
Semmering Railway 19980km site_whs
Sparkasse Sauerbrunn 0km site_brutalism
Sport and School Center 19760km site_brutalism
St. Johann Kapistran 0km site_brutalism
St. Pius X Parish Church 19580km site_brutalism
Stockerau Train Station 19760km site_brutalism
Terrassenhaussiedlung 19660km site_brutalism
Thermal Bath Felsentherme 19660km site_brutalism
Türkenhain Apartments 0km site_brutalism
Volksschule Dopschstraße 0km site_brutalism
Volksschule Mönchhof 0km site_brutalism
Volksschule Schützen am Gebirge 0km site_brutalism
Wachau Cultural Landscape 20000km site_whs
WIFI (Institute for Economic Development) with Dormitory Tower 19650km site_brutalism