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Madrid’s Sobrino De Botin Is the Oldest Restaurant in the World

theculturetrip.com • July 17, 2019

The old Facade of Botín

© Botín

The restaurant is located in one of the most authentic and historic quarters of Madrid, close to the Plaza Mayor and the La Latina neighborhood on Calle Cuchilleros (Cutlery Street). The story begins with a French cook, Jean Botín, coming to Madrid by way of Asturias. A nephew of Botín’s wife opened a small inn that cooked for for travelers. Originally called Casa Botín, the name is now Sobrino de Botín. As the word sobrino means nephew in English, this alludes to the fact the restaurant was later passed to Candido Remis, the Botín’s nephew.

During the 19th century, the restaurant was renovated; large windows were added and so was a display counter for pastries and cakes. First Botín was considered an inn, then a tavern (the word “restaurant” was once reserved for high-end, exclusive spots found in places like Paris) and finally, later on, a restaurant.

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