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‘Coastline’ Wave Pool 20190km site_ao
‘Wandering the Immeasurable’ 20180km site_ao
A Decommissioned Biological Warefare Test Sphere 20180km site_ao
A Dinosaur Park Full of Fossils Outside D.C. 20170km site_ao
A Four-Story Foucault Pendulum Swings in Philadelphia 20170km site_ao
A Monument to the Pole Who Put the Sun at the Center of the Solar System 20190km site_ao
A Particle Accelerator Turned Art Gallery 20180km site_ao
A Texas Landowner Spelled Out His Name With Three Miles of Trees 20170km site_ao
A Tree So Important, It Allegedly Has Its Own Guards 20170km site_ao
A Working High-Speed Rail Prototype in a California Vineyard 20170km site_ao
Abandoned German Rocket Factory 20160km site_ao
Alexander Von Humboldt Monument 20180km site_ao
Alfred Russel Wallace’s Unusual Tombstone 20170km site_ao
Algae Growing Ponds 20170km site_ao
America’s Official Prototype Kilogram 20170km site_ao
An Astronomical Tower from the Islamic Golden Age 20180km site_ao
An Earthquake-Making Four-Ton Steel Ball 20180km site_ao
An Incredible Taxidermy Collection in Florence, Italy 20170km site_ao
An Underwater Cave of Fossils in Madagascar 20170km site_ao
Ancient Megalithic Observatory at Kokino 20170km site_ao