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Natural System of Wrangel Island Reserve

Located well above the Arctic Circle, the site includes the mountainous Wrangel Island (7,608 km2), Herald Island (11 km2) and surrounding waters. Wrangel was not glaciated during the Quaternary Ice Age, resulting in exceptionally high levels of biodiversity for this region. The island boasts the world’s largest population of Pacific walrus and the highest density of ancestral polar bear dens. It is a major feeding ground for the grey whale migrating from Mexico and the northernmost nesting ground for 100 migratory bird species, many endangered. Currently, 417 species and subspecies of vascular plants have been identified on the island, double that of any other Arctic tundra territory of comparable size and more than any other Arctic island. Some species are derivative of widespread continental forms, others are the result of recent hybridization, and 23 are endemic.

Criteria for inclusion as a World Heritage Site

ixTo be outstanding examples representing significant on-going ecological and biological processes in the evolution and development of terrestrial, fresh water, coastal and marine ecosystems and communities of plants and animals. All
xTo contain the most important and significant natural habitats for in-situ conservation of biological diversity, including those containing threatened species of outstanding universal value from the point of view of science or conservation. All



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
Patsy Ann Statue 20202491.2kmsite_ao
Walking with Bess: Exploring Wild America en 1393.5kmsite_izi
Eldred Rock Lighthouse 20192403.2kmsite_ao
Sealaska Heritage Institute 20192491kmsite_ao
Keno City Mining Museum 20191993.9kmsite_ao
‘Polaris’ 20191482.2kmsite_ao
Coldfoot Camp 20191229.6kmsite_ao
Brooks Range Supply 20191142.8kmsite_ao
Arctic Circle Monument Sign 20191252kmsite_ao
Castle House 20191691.5kmsite_ao
Venus Silver Mine 20192333.1kmsite_ao
Red Onion Saloon 20192357.5kmsite_ao
Aquilean Whale Tail Sculptures 20192491.5kmsite_ao
Skagway Centennial Statue 20192357.6kmsite_ao
Little Diomede Island 2019745.3kmsite_ao
The Smoking Hills 20191870kmsite_ao
Portage Ghost Town 20181770.4kmsite_ao
Lend-Lease Monument 20181482.4kmsite_ao
A Giant Dome Made from Bicycle Wheels 20182260.2kmsite_ao
Ellesmere Island 20182538.9kmsite_ao
Fort Egbert 20181716.9kmsite_ao
Beluga Point Fresh Water Spring 20181733.2kmsite_ao
Turnagain Arm Bore Tide 20171723.6kmsite_ao
The Skeleton of the Largest Woolly Mammoth Ever Recovered in North America 20172258.6kmsite_ao
Arctic Brotherhood Hall 20182357.5kmsite_ao
The Huge Canadian Lake That May Save Humanity 20172322.2kmsite_ao
The Great Kobuk Sand Dunes of Alaska 2018936.5kmsite_ao
Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center 20182342kmsite_ao
Graves of Beechey Island 20172626kmsite_ao
Glacier Bears of Glacier Bay National Park 20162371.3kmsite_ao
Chicken of Chicken, Alaska 20181744.5kmsite_ao
The Alaskan Street Where Each House Has an Airplane Hangar 20171718kmsite_ao
Aunt Claudia’s Dolls 20182491kmsite_ao
Canada’s Igloo-Shaped Church 20171750.8kmsite_ao
Permafrost Tunnel 20161477.8kmsite_ao
Poker Creek 20181776.8kmsite_ao
Wizard of Oz Metal Statues 20182483.1kmsite_ao
The First Russian Orthodox Church in North America 20172571kmsite_ao
Doorway to the Underworld: Siberia’s Ever-Growing Crater 20171778.7kmsite_ao
Canada’s Most Northerly Commercial Greenhouse 20171745.8kmsite_ao
Last Chance Mining Museum 20182491.2kmsite_ao
Engineers Tradition Stone 20181478kmsite_ao
Lena Pillars Nature Park 20122571.3kmsite_whs
Volcanoes of Kamchatka 19961943.9kmsite_whs
Nahanni National Park 19782528.5kmsite_whs
Kluane / Wrangell-St. Elias / Glacier Bay / Tatshenshini-Alsek 19792009.2kmsite_whs



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Within UNESCO's broad remit, this specialised agency of the UN works towards international cooperation agreements to secure the world's cultural and natural heritage, designating venues of exceptional value as World Heritage Sites.

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