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World Heritage Site Białowieża Forest

The Białowieża Forest World Heritage site, on the border between Poland and Belarus, is an immense range of primary forest including both conifers and broadleaved trees covering a total area of 141,885 hectares. Situated on the watershed of the Baltic Sea and Black Sea, this transboundary property is exceptional for the opportunities it offers for biodiversity conservation. It is home to the largest population of the property’s iconic species, the European bison.

Criteria for inclusion as a World Heritage Site

ixTo be outstanding examples representing significant on-going ecological and biological processes in the evolution and development of terrestrial, fresh water, coastal and marine ecosystems and communities of plants and animals. All
xTo contain the most important and significant natural habitats for in-situ conservation of biological diversity, including those containing threatened species of outstanding universal value from the point of view of science or conservation. All
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Atlas Obscura 2021
Januš Parulis Museum of Life and History of Hrodna

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Atlas Obscura 2017
A Collection of Malformed Human Fetuses

This rare museum of human deformities displays fetuses with two faces, one eye, and "mermaid" legs.

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Brest Railway museum

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Brutalism 1972
Campus of the Bia?ystok University of Technology
Atlas Obscura 2017
A Mona Lisa Lookalike Hidden in Grodno

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Atlas Obscura 2019
Museum of Interesting Things

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Atlas Obscura 2020
Kafe Gagarin

Discover Kafe Gagarin in Brest, Belarus: Take Soviet nostalgia to new heights by toasting the first man in space over a full spread of Belarusian and Soviet fare.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Statue Of Lenin

Discover Statue Of Lenin in Brest, Belarus: Nearly three decades since the fall of the Soviet Union, the hero of the USSR still stands over Belarus.

Atlas Obscura 2016
Holy Mountain of Grabarka

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