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Zvenigirod.Walking from Railway Station en ru

Zvenigorod is a unique destination in Moscow County Region. Criss-crossed by major rail and road highways, and located at a picturesque spot on the Moskva River, it retains the qualities of ancient Russian towns that once surrounded the Russian capital many centuries ago. The town was both one of the major centres of Russian spiritual life, that became a place of pilgrimage for Russian Tsars, yet simultaneously a dependable outpost on the western borders of the state, which had to accept the blow delivered by enemy forces on several occasions.

Today, while retaining its status as one of the most ancient cities of Moscow County Region, Zvenigorod remains a charming town within the ambit of Moscow. Its old houses, still in good condition, sit cheek by jowl with new buildings which, as far as is possible, try to be tactful and restrained neighbours.



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