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Yellow line tour guide en

The Yellow Line Tour is a youth project organized by Dili jan Community Center
volunteers. The aim of the project is to create a tour guide that al lows any visi tor to
see the city’s most famous at tractions without spending any money.
The Dilijan Community Center (DCC) is a local nonprofit organization founded in 2014.
DCC’s mission is to create a platform where al l citizens can access the resources
they need in order to become act ively engaged in the development of Dili jan. DCC
offers var ious educational, cultural, and social programs to its benefi ciaries,
including Russian and Engl ish courses, theater , dance, chorus, and ar t classes. Two
youth-run communi ty media projects are based at DCC – Di liRadio and “Koriz”
community newspaper . DCC also supports Armmat, a social enterprise that sells
artisanal goods and provides financial l iteracy tr ainings for women. Finally, DCC
organizes the dedicate volunteer ism corps that made this tour 


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