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WW2: Resistance in Leiden en nl

A circular walk through the city center of Leiden, where we will dwell on places that played a role in the resistance during the Second World War.



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
‘Zhdun’ (Homunculus Loxodontus) 20201.3kmsite_ao
Rijnlandse Roede (The Rhenish Rod) 20180.1kmsite_ao
De Leidse Zeemijn (Leiden’s Naval Mine) 20200.2kmsite_ao
OWL citywalk 2019 en 0.2kmsite_izi
Leiden OWL 2017 en 0.8kmsite_izi
Explore Leiden! en 1.1kmsite_izi
Ehrenfesthuis (Ehrenfest House) 20200.9kmsite_ao
Einstein’s Chair 20200.6kmsite_ao
Burcht van Leiden 20190.1kmsite_ao
Museum Depot 20190.3kmsite_ao
Graveyard Groenesteeg 20190.8kmsite_ao
‘Bagage’ 20191kmsite_ao
Willebrord Snellius’ Grave 20160.2kmsite_ao
Leiden Gunpowder Disaster Memorial 20150.2kmsite_ao
The Old Leiden Belltower 20150.1kmsite_ao
The Old Leiden Belltower 20150.1kmsite_ao
Hooglandse Kerk Clock 20160.2kmsite_ao
Greccio Museum of Devotional Items 20120.4kmsite_ao
Gebouw Leidsch Dagblad Elephant Drainpipe 20150.8kmsite_ao
Masonic Temple Loge La Vertu 20160.2kmsite_ao
Leiden Stones 20150.1kmsite_ao
The Wall Poems of Leiden 20130.3kmsite_ao
Leiden Observatory 20150.6kmsite_ao
The Hidden Eschers of Leiden 20150kmsite_ao
The Hidden Eschers of Leiden 20150kmsite_ao
Hortus Botanicus Leiden 20130.5kmsite_ao
Museum Boerhaave 20090.4kmsite_ao
Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory Plaque 20190.2kmsite_ao
Leiden’s Monumental Urinal 20190.7kmsite_ao
Gravensteen’s Whipping Pole 20190.3kmsite_ao
Bakkerssteeg Street Sign 20190.5kmsite_ao
Leiden’s Floating Christmas Market 20180.1kmsite_ao
Victoria Amazonica 20180.5kmsite_ao
The Rhenish Rod 20180.1kmsite_ao
Where Science Meets Wall Art 20170.4kmsite_ao
Where the Heineken Star Came From 20170.5kmsite_ao
Temple of Taffeh 20180.4kmsite_ao
Zweetkamertje (Sweat Room) 20160.4kmsite_ao
Hidden Basement in Smit 20180.3kmsite_ao
Bibliotheca Thysiana 20180.5kmsite_ao
Societeit Minerva 0.3kmsite_brutalism

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