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The monumental heritage of Borgomaro de en fr it

Borgomaro stands on the right bank of the Impero river, at the foot of the Castrum Macri (Maro Castello), the former residence of the Counts of Ventimiglia.

The proximity to the castle and the river that provided the driving force to the olive mills, has contributed to the development of the village and transformed the Upper Valle Impero into an important crossroad for oil trade with Piedmont

The tour has been made by the staff of Wepesto Associazione Culturale with the project Liguria Wow, thanks to the support of Gian Piero Martino, Augusto Guglieri and Anna Marchini, with the support of Comune di Borgomaro and Associazione “U Castellu”.

Text editing, pictures, video and audio descriptions created by Nicola Ferrarese and Corrado Agnese.

Translations by Elena Scalambrin.


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