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The Big Ned Kelly Statue en

This short guide will provide a brief summary of the life of Ned Kelly, and question the way in which the infamous bushranger has been idolised for over 130 years.



All information contained within this guide is sourced from the following locations:






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The Bullet-Banged Armour of Australia’s Most Famous Outlaw 2017186.5kmsite_ao
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Wangaratta Government Centre 15.2kmsite_brutalism
Campbell Park 296.5kmsite_brutalism
School of Music, Australian National University 292.8kmsite_brutalism
The Rye House 245.7kmsite_brutalism
Total House 186.6kmsite_brutalism
State Government Offices 249.5kmsite_brutalism
Nelson Brothers Funeral Parlor 191.5kmsite_brutalism
Government Offices (today: Cameron Offices) 290.5kmsite_brutalism
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