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SlussenProject is an extensive audio database of stories, memories and field recordings characterizing the Slussen area in Stockholm and in particular its unknown and invisible dimensions. The realization of the project has been maintained over six months between December 2012 and May 2013, when the process of demolishing was planned to begin. The collection of sounds is manifested through a multitude of means such as interviews, field recording and on-site interventions. The final outcome – a methodologically developed sound archive – will be eventually brought back into the new layout in an unobtrusive manner such as in-situ placement of Augmented Reality tags . Thus, the passers-by within the new architectural arrangement will be given an opportunity to confront the long-gone spirit of its predecessor. A few main research questions were formulated at the initial stage of shaping the project: Can the realm of sound offer a space for transmitting memories across time? Can sound – perceived as a time-based phenomenon – become a medium contributing to the redefinition of traditional forms of archiving and commemorating? To what extent does the use of locative media and the very placement of archival material in the public space augment its perception and experiencing?

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Atlas Obscura 2018
Disgusting Food Museum

The project was designed to challenge one's notions of repulsion.

Atlas Obscura 2018
‘The Knotted Gun’

Discover 'The Knotted Gun' in Malmö, Sweden: This poignant sculpture of a gnarled weapon is a symbol of non-violence.

Audio Guide
Audio Guide
I’m Every Lesbian – Malmö
en sv
Brutalism 1969
Flower Kiosk, Östra Kyrkogården
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Audio Guide
Malmö Audio Guide
Atlas Obscura 2020
Malmo Möllestenen (The Malmo Millstone)

Discover Malmo Möllestenen (The Malmo Millstone) in Malmö, Sweden: This millstone commemorates a gruesome tale that may have been the source of the city's name.

Atlas Obscura 2017
There Are Tiny Shops for Mice Throughout Malmö, Sweden

Discover Tiny Mouse Shops of Malmö in Malmö, Sweden: Swedish mice can dine at the Nuts of Life restaurant or take a date to the amousement park.

Audio Guide
Audio Guide
CITY WALK: Malmö labour history // STADSVANDRING: Malmö arbetarhistoria
Atlas Obscura 2022
Talking Trash Cans of Malmö

Discover Talking Trash Cans of Malmö in Sweden: These waste baskets play a few risque messages to discourage littering.

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Emoji Stained Glass Windows

Discover Emoji Stained Glass Windows in Malmö, Sweden: These unique stained glass windows were designed by local children using a modern flair.

Audio Guide
Audio Guide
Teaser Hop-on Hop-off Malmö