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Audio Guide Jay Cooke State Park: A Bridge to Freedom of the Mind


Jay Cooke State Park was established in 1915 and has been expanding and upgrading different aspects of the park ever since. The features of this park that make it so incredibly memorable include the river with rock formations along it, a beautiful bridge that takes its guests into the peculiar hardwood forest, as well as a waterfall feature that allows visitors to get a close up glance at the water formation. Over time, the bridge has taken many tolls due to an influx of water flooding in the area. In partnership with the influx of flooding, the bridge has collapsed due to it, leaving the park in charge of fixing it. With several benefactors, the bridge was rebuilt and has been sturdy ever since. Overall, the park is a perfect family-friendly place with multiple features for the more adventurous people. Activities including swimming, hiking, skipping over the river on rocks and fishing are all possibilities at Jay Cooke State Park.

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Audio Guide
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