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In de Lommer met Sommer en

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Tour! 
I am a student at the Performing Arts Institute in Maastricht, and with Covid-19 I suddenly found myself without a job, some cancelled projects, performances and plenty of online classes.
After being a bit sad about that development, I took up my optimism again and developed a Tour that will make you experience symbolically how it is possible to step for step and always reflecting get into a new state of creating and more importantly feel where the current source for creating can come from in times like this.

The places I choose will show you some places of Maastricht that represent for me how connective and strategicly important this city has always been, give you time to make your own discoveries and observations and breathe in the nature that nurtures our soul and brain as soon as you step out the citywalls. And now grab your Headphones and: Enjoy!


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