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Audio Guide I’m Every Lesbian – Malmö

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Dear lesbians of Malmö,

I’m Every Lesbian is a city walk, an audioguide and map that tells some parts of your history in Malmö. It’s based on the stories that some of you so generously have shared with me. As any story about a city they are as subjective, fantastic, sad and hopeful as they are true. This project is dedicated to you.

Sam Hultin 9.5.2014 Malmö

I’m Every Lesbian is in Malmö part of the exhibition A Voice of One´s Own at Malmö Art Museum during the summer of 2014. The project is a collaboration with Sommarscen Malmö and Regnbågsfestivalen – Malmö Pride.

The graphic design is made by Ylva Emel Karlsson.

Thank you: Angela, Carolina, Emma, Irene, Jeanette, Karin, Lars, Marie, Marta, Matilda, Monica, Lisa, Louise, Pernilla, Petra, Pia, Sofie, Stella, Susanne, Therese, Tove and Zana.

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