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I’m Every Lesbian – Belgrade en sr

Dear lesbians of Belgrade,

“I’m Every Lesbian” is a city walk, an audioguide and map that tells some parts of your history in Belgrade. It’s based on the stories that some of you so generously have shared with me during my time here in the city. As any story about a city they are as subjective, fantastic, sad and hopeful as they are true. Also they are stories of great importance and since no one is writing our history – we have to write our own. This work is dedicated to you.

Sam Hultin 4.12.2013 Belgrade

“I’m Every Lesbian” has been made with support from IASPIS and was performed during the BeFem festival at KC Grad 8.12.2013

Thank you: Zoe, Nadica, Lepa, Nina, Tanja, Ana, Sajber, Sanja, Olga, Bojana, Jelena, Christina, Jelena and Aleksandra.


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