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Following the Footsteps of Early Immigrants at Point Nepean Quarantine Station. en

The Point Nepean Quarantine Station is of National Heritage Significance, but faces development in the near future, nonetheless. The Quarantine Station itself is part of a 560 hectare cultural landscape that is Point Nepean. Made up of Fort Nepean, the Quarantine Station and an abundance of natural wildlife and Indigenous sites, this area is home to thousands of years of history and holds the voices and heritage of so many people, who passed through here. 

This short walking tour will take you on a direct route around some of the most significant and interesting locations within the Quarantine Station. It will focus only on the 100 year history that this heritage site was in use as a Quarantine Station, so will not touch on the years it was used as an Australian Army cadet training ground. 

The tour will guide you on the rough path that immigrants to Victoria, who were forced to spend time here would have taken, beginning at the site of the former jetty where disembarking occurred. Throughout the tour the voices of the immigrants who passed through here will be the focus, as it is these that are most at risk of loss if the Parks Victoria development plans go ahead.


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