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EastCast’s East London en

EastCast is a forecast you can rely on, a monthly podcast and radio show exploring the arts, culture and community of East London. These are some of the places you can discover through the voices of the people who are behind the scenes. This isn’t a regular audio tour, more of a podcast amble. So when you find a location with some audio attached to it, find a bench, bit of grass, wall or chair and tune into our neighbourhood. Subscribe to the podcast or check latest updates on eastcastshow.com



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World Trade Center Artwork 20201.3kmsite_ao
I Am Human – a walking tour of The Royal London Hospital en 4kmsite_izi
Home-City Stories en 4kmsite_izi
The fate of London’s post-war neighborhoods: Lansbury Estate and the plans for Barking Riverside en 4.1kmsite_izi
London: Jack the Ripper en 4kmsite_izi
urbirun London – Canary Wharf & Greenwich en fr 5kmsite_izi
Urbirun London – Thames & more en fr 4kmsite_izi
Supper Club Tube 20203.4kmsite_ao
A Manhole Cover Saluting London’s Fatberg-Vanquishing Team 20194.1kmsite_ao
The Blind Beggar 20193.8kmsite_ao
Whitechapel Bell Foundry 20194.5kmsite_ao
Still Life 20181.6kmsite_ao
London’s Shipping Container City 20174.9kmsite_ao
The Ten Bells Pub 20164.7kmsite_ao
The Clown Egg Register 20183.4kmsite_ao
The ‘Official’ Church of London’s Clowns 20173.4kmsite_ao
London’s Kaleidoscopic Warehouse of Handmade Neon Signs 20174.2kmsite_ao
Nomadic Community Gardens 20184.1kmsite_ao
Cranbrook Estate 2.4kmsite_brutalism
Gascoyne Estate, Bentham Road 1.4kmsite_brutalism
Keeling House 3.1kmsite_brutalism
Marquess Road Estate 4.4kmsite_brutalism
Balfron Tower 19633.9kmsite_brutalism
Robin Hood Gardens 19664.4kmsite_brutalism

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