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Audio Guide CITY WALK: Malmö labour history // STADSVANDRING: Malmö arbetarhistoria


Welcome to Nordic Labour Film Festival’s city walk around the cinema neighborhood. Here you can follow a piece of Malmö labour history. Just start the walk and follow the audio guide. On the way you will listen to words and see films and pictures from past times. We wish you an interesting and enjoyable walk!  

Pictures and films in collaboration with WG Film AB and Auto Images.
Information Malmö Stad.


Välkommen till Arbetar Filmfestivalens stadsvandring i biografens grannskap. Här kan du följa en bit av Malmö’s arbetshistoria. Starta vandringen och följ audioguiden. På vägen kommer du att lyssna på ord och se filmer och bilder från svunna tider. Vi önskar dig en intressant och skön promenad!

Bilder och filmer i samarbete med WG Film AB och Auto Images.
Information Malmö Stad.

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Talking Trash Cans of Malmö

Discover Talking Trash Cans of Malmö in Sweden: These waste baskets play a few risque messages to discourage littering.

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‘The Knotted Gun’

Discover 'The Knotted Gun' in Malmö, Sweden: This poignant sculpture of a gnarled weapon is a symbol of non-violence.

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Slussen Project
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Malmo Möllestenen (The Malmo Millstone)

Discover Malmo Möllestenen (The Malmo Millstone) in Malmö, Sweden: This millstone commemorates a gruesome tale that may have been the source of the city's name.

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Disgusting Food Museum

The project was designed to challenge one's notions of repulsion.

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Flower Kiosk, Östra Kyrkogården
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I’m Every Lesbian – Malmö
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Emoji Stained Glass Windows

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