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Borodino: Histories, Geography and I. Map of the events en ru

This tour is a map of the events included in the intermuseum interactive project “Histories, Geography and I”. The project combines collections from Russian museums related to the 1812 historical period.”



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
The resort Rauschen – Svetlogorsk en ru 69.4kmsite_izi
From Zelenogradsk to Svetlogorsk… de en ru 64.7kmsite_izi
Nowy Dwór Gdański the capital of Żuławy en es pl 101kmsite_izi
Malbork Castle 2020112kmsite_ao
Fort No. 5 “Friedrich Wilhelm III” 202042.8kmsite_ao
‘The Black Ghost’ 2019150kmsite_ao
Wisłoujście Fortress 2018127.3kmsite_ao
The Coffin-Shaped Church Where Monks Once Slept in Coffins 2018159.1kmsite_ao
An Abandoned Castle Rots in Poland 2018162.5kmsite_ao
Bismarck Tower Ruin 201861.1kmsite_ao
Torpedownia 2018137.5kmsite_ao
The Abandoned Stańczyki Viaducts 2018130.6kmsite_ao
Dancing Forest of Russia 201789.4kmsite_ao
Dwór Artusa 2017129.1kmsite_ao
Ruins at Westerplatte 2016128.1kmsite_ao
The Extinct Town of Schirwindt 2017149.3kmsite_ao
The Three Boar Heads of Gdańsk 2016129.1kmsite_ao
Old Prussian Hags of Northern Pomerania 2016128.9kmsite_ao
Trójstyk Granic 2017139kmsite_ao
A Small Part of Russia That Does Not Touch Any Other Part of Russia 201738.2kmsite_ao
Church of St. Michael 1966134.6kmsite_brutalism
Church of St. Joseph 1960140.2kmsite_brutalism
House of Soviets 37kmsite_brutalism
Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork 1997111.6kmsite_whs
Curonian Spit 2000100.9kmsite_whs
Take A Look Inside The World’s Largest Brick Fortress In Poland 2019112.2kmpost

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