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Art in Fitzroy Gardens en

Fitzroy gardens is one of the many pristine gardens in Melbourne. It’s meandering pathways are lined with trees. It is now one of the city’s heritage listed gardens of historical, agricultural and social importance. This tour of the art in fitzroy gardens is designed as a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, and enables you to see the gardens in a new historic light. The park was reserved as public in the 1840’s, and was originally lined with many willows and ferns along a creek that ran into the yarra. Despite the vegetation, this parkland was on an old swampland, and the creek gave off a foul odour due to sewage from East Melbourne. Don’t worry though, on this tour you will find the smell is long gone. While gaining a better understanding of the art forms nestled amongst the gardens, keep your eyes and ears open for a brushtail or ringtail possum, rainbow lorikeets, ducks and small bats, as well as some nocturnal grey flying foxes and owls. This tour begins at Landsdowne Street and takes you on a stroll through the park back to Landsdowne so you can carry on with your day after the tour. This tour is perfect for tourists, historians, artists and those taking a lunch break. Hopefully you will become more oriented with the park, as there are a few stories of missed weddings due to not being able to find where the Boy on the Turtle is! This tour is brought to you by E Fisher, D Guttmann and JA Regan.


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