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A walk through the traces of Eduard Isabekyan en hy ru

Eduard Isabekyan exhibition hall invites you to take a tour through the traces of Armenian People’s Artist Eduard Isabekyan.
Eduard Isabekyan has a significant contribution to the 20th century Armenian fine arts; he is a multi-genre painter, one of the founders of historical and thematic-compositional genres.
He was born on November 8, 1914 in the city of Igdir (nowadays Turkey), canton of Surmalu of Yerevan province. In 1918 the family of Isabekyan migrated and after a two-month stay in Etchmiadzin, they settled in Yerevan.
E. Isabekyan has studied at “Geghard” college then he continued his education in Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts. On returning to Yerevan he has evolved pedagogical activities for over 60 years. He has also been the director of National Gallery of Armenia for 20 years.
Since 1931 he has participated in group exhibitions. His first solo exhibition was held in 1947. He has received numerous awards and orders. He died in Ashtarak at the age of 93.
We’ll get a closer acquaintance with all of these during the trip.


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