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A Tour of Doylestown en



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Barn Attic 202022.8kmsite_ao
Abolitionist Walking Tour: 15 Amazing Sites in Philadelphia en 31kmsite_izi
Pawling Farm (DRAFT – UNOFFICIAL) en 35.9kmsite_izi
William Birch City of Philadelphia Walking Tour en 39.8kmsite_izi
Birth of a Nation: Exploring Philadelphia en 37.9kmsite_izi
Philadelphia’s Best Attractions en 39kmsite_izi
Philadelphia with Tim Richards. Travelbook en 201338kmsite_izi
‘Celebration of Water’ Sculpture 202038.4kmsite_ao
Grave of Thomas Wiltberger Evans 202040.4kmsite_ao
Shelter House 202039.3kmsite_ao
Newkirk Viaduct Monument 202041.4kmsite_ao
Ben Franklin Bridge Pedestrian Tunnel Mural 202039.3kmsite_ao
Rat’s Restaurant 202035.7kmsite_ao
Dryptosaurus Skeletal Mount 201931.6kmsite_ao
Fiume 201939.9kmsite_ao
Paul Robeson House 201939.8kmsite_ao
Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial 201940.5kmsite_ao
First Bank of the United States 201940kmsite_ao
The Blue Horizon 201937.2kmsite_ao
Nassau Hall 201939.9kmsite_ao
The Famous River Hot Dog Man 201927kmsite_ao
Mask and Wig Clubhouse 201940.3kmsite_ao
Philbert the Pig 201939.5kmsite_ao
Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion 201930.7kmsite_ao
Keith Haring’s Only Surviving In Situ Collaborative Public Mural 201941.3kmsite_ao
Graffiti Pier (Pier 18) 201937.3kmsite_ao
Washington Memorial Chapel 201934.6kmsite_ao
Penn Museum’s Collection of Ancient Tweezers 201940.2kmsite_ao
Dickens and Little Nell 201940.5kmsite_ao
Spruce Hill Bird Sanctuary 201940kmsite_ao
The ‘Dowager Empress’ Crystal Ball 201940.2kmsite_ao
Pizza Brain’s Museum of Pizza Culture 201836.4kmsite_ao
A Four-Story Foucault Pendulum Swings in Philadelphia 201739kmsite_ao
Haunted Lane 201730.6kmsite_ao
Flexible Flyer Museum 201741.1kmsite_ao
Princeton Chapel Bulldog 201840.1kmsite_ao
The World’s Largest Single Organ Chamber 201739.7kmsite_ao
A Glittering Thai Temple in Suburbia 201826.8kmsite_ao
The Nervous System of Harriet Cole 201832.3kmsite_ao
The Humble Field Where the First Major League Baseball Game Was Played 201736.9kmsite_ao
Horse at Water 201725.7kmsite_ao
World’s Largest Slinky 201734.4kmsite_ao
Princeton Cemetery 201640kmsite_ao
Boomer 201816.1kmsite_ao
Urban Axes 201636kmsite_ao
Philadelphia’s Fountain of the Three Rivers 201739kmsite_ao
One of the Oldest Residential Streets in America 201739.5kmsite_ao
Morris Arboretum 201825.7kmsite_ao
The Sarnoff Collection 201829.5kmsite_ao
A Secluded Statue With A Case of Mistaken Identity 201730.9kmsite_ao
Shaky Bridge 201830.9kmsite_ao
The Only Synagogue Built by Frank Lloyd Wright 201825.1kmsite_ao
Old Adam Scheidt Plant 201737.6kmsite_ao
Moravian Pottery and Tile Works 20172kmsite_ao
The Last Historic Covered Bridge in New Jersey 201820.4kmsite_ao
International House 196839.6kmsite_brutalism
Philadelphia Police Department Headquarters “Roundhouse” 195939.3kmsite_brutalism
Richards Medical Research Laboratories, University of Pennsylvania 195740.3kmsite_brutalism
Parking Garage, University of Pennsylvania 196129.6kmsite_brutalism
Independence Hall 197940kmsite_whs

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