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М 11 Neva St-Petersburg-Moscow en ru

A fascinating and informative road trip along the federal highway M-11 Neva. You will find many stories about cities and villages located on the route between the two capitals, as well as monuments, cathedrals, museums and other attractions. The length of the route is 670 km. Estimated time 8 hours.


The unique project “We Are Along the Way” consisting of 8 routes along the main federal highways. Moving along the route, tourists can listen to interesting and informative stories about settlements, places of military glory, natural monuments, local attractions.


Organizer of the project “We Along the Way”: Community of Petersburg bloggers

General partner: Avtodor-Toll Roads

Media partners: Komsomolskaya Pravda media holding, Dorozhnoe radio, LiveJournal Russia

Car partner: Chery Russia

Official partners: Highway of two capitals, Izi.Travel, Petrogradweb, Akimovskiy bread.



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
Monument to Peter I 202016.4kmsite_ao
Scottish St Petersburg en ru 16.8kmsite_izi
Saint Petersburg – Tsarskoe Selo – Pavlovsk en ru 13.1kmsite_izi
ST PETERBURG, RUSSIA en 201315.2kmsite_izi
Let’s meet up in the city centre en ru 14.6kmsite_izi
Grand Petersburg: along the English Embankment up to The Blue Bridge en ru 15.1kmsite_izi
St Petersburg. River Cruise en ru 201515.2kmsite_izi
Palace and Park Complex of the Russian Museum en it ru zh 15kmsite_izi
St Petersburg. The Peter & Paul Fortress en ru 201516.7kmsite_izi
Peter and Paul Fortress: beginning of the Empire en ru 16.6kmsite_izi
St Petersburg. Historic centre en ru 201515kmsite_izi
Tsarskoye Selo en ru 20159.7kmsite_izi
Saint Petersburg – Gatchina-Baltiyskaya en ru 12.2kmsite_izi
Political assassinations. Individual terror en ru 13.5kmsite_izi
Saint-Petersburg – Peterhof – Oranienbaum en ru zh 12.2kmsite_izi
Petrograd. 1917. One year of the history en ru 18.9kmsite_izi
How Dutch is Saint-Petersburg? en nl ru 16.7kmsite_izi
Saint Petersburg – Vyborg en ru zh 16.7kmsite_izi
The Cultural Route en ru 5.4kmsite_izi
Saint Petersburg – Nevskaya Dubrovka en ru 20.6kmsite_izi
Saint Petersburg – Veliky Novgorod en ru 11.3kmsite_izi
Literary Cafe 202014.9kmsite_ao
Street Art Museum 201917.8kmsite_ao
John Lennon Street 201813.8kmsite_ao
Saint Petersburg’s Whimsical Mosaic Courtyard 201815.9kmsite_ao
Chizhik Pyzhik 201715.3kmsite_ao
Nelson’s Courtyard 201818kmsite_ao
A Truly Random Collection of Wax Exhibits in Saint Petersburg 201814.5kmsite_ao
Freud’s Dream Museum 201817.3kmsite_ao
A Giant Scale Model of Russia 20179.5kmsite_ao
Russian Museum of Military Medicine 201813.1kmsite_ao
A Museum of Unusual Sounds 201813.8kmsite_ao
Step Inside the Home of a Radical 19th-Century Russian Writer 201713.6kmsite_ao
Residential Block Dalnevostochniy Prospekt 71 9.6kmsite_brutalism
Housing Complex Novosmolenskaya Naberezhnaya 2–8 18kmsite_brutalism
Building 5, Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute (today: Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University) 196518.8kmsite_brutalism
Hotel Rus 15.2kmsite_brutalism
Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments 199016.4kmsite_whs

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