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Wohnanlage Tapachstraße

Faller + Schröder presented a new archetype of stepped housing complexes in the 1960s and 70s, similar to Neave Brown’s Alexandra and Ainsworth Road Estate. Unlike stepped residential complexes shaped like triangular prisms with steadily decreasing floor spaces towards the top, the recessed levels are all sized identically here. The canopied backside facing the street is used for access balconies and for a parking garage. The apartments face a greenway with bungalows. Written by Sandra Pappe




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Unihase 20195.8km site_ao
Antiquariat Alt-Hoheneck 20199.8km site_ao
Monte Scherbelino (Rubble Hill) 20198.2km site_ao
Stuttgart Winkel Tower 20112.4km site_ao
The Pig Museum 20115.1km site_ao
The Pig Museum 20115.1km site_ao
A Wooden Funicular Leading to a Cemetery 20188.8km site_ao
Residential and Commercial Building 6.9km site_brutalism
Breuninger Department Store (extension) 5.9km site_brutalism
Kleiner Schlossplatz 5.6km site_brutalism
Neubau 1, Campus Weißenhof, Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart) 19643.3km site_brutalism
Württemberg State Library 19615.7km site_brutalism
Gartenstadtkirche 6.3km site_brutalism
Buchhaus Wittwer 5.7km site_brutalism
Auditorium, Waldorfschule Uhlandshöhe 19755.1km site_brutalism
Community Center with Protestant Church Steigkirche 1.8km site_brutalism
Kollegiengebäude 1 (K1) Fakultät Bauwesen, University of Stuttgart 5.2km site_brutalism
Kirche und Gemeindezentrum Zum heiligen Bruder Klaus von der Flüe 19676.4km site_brutalism
Parish Center and Protestant Church Sonnenberg 19639.9km site_brutalism
Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle 19545.7km site_brutalism
St. Christopher Church (Christophkirche) 3.6km site_brutalism

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