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Wates Blocks

Using the prefab Wates concrete panel system, a total amount of eight very similar high rises have been built on four sites in London.




World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
Shakespeare’s Riverside London en 2.3kmsite_izi
Mapping health in19th and 21th century London en 2kmsite_izi
The complete London Audio Guide. Part II en 1.5kmsite_izi
Canada in London en fr 2.4kmsite_izi
Visit London with MP3 City Guides en 1.6kmsite_izi
Urbirun London – Parks & Soho en fr 2.3kmsite_izi
Urbirun London – Highlights en fr 1.7kmsite_izi
Rules 20202.5kmsite_ao
William Blake Mosaics 20201kmsite_ao
Memorial to the Women of World War II 20191.9kmsite_ao
Smith Square World War II Ghost Sign 20191.5kmsite_ao
Cleopatra’s Needle Shrapnel Scars 20192.2kmsite_ao
‘Merry-Go-Round’ Painting 20191.4kmsite_ao
Millennium Bridge Tiny Chewing Gum Art 20192.2kmsite_ao
London’s Sewer-Fed Streetlight 20192.3kmsite_ao
Sherling Backstage Walkway 20191.9kmsite_ao
10 Adam Street 20192.4kmsite_ao
London Transport Museum 20192.6kmsite_ao
Vauxhall Bridge’s Miniature St. Paul’s Cathedral 20191.4kmsite_ao
Fleet Air Arm Memorial 20191.9kmsite_ao
‘The Ambassadors’ 20192.5kmsite_ao
Charing Cross Mural 20192.3kmsite_ao
Topolski’s ‘Memoir of the Century’ 20191.7kmsite_ao
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries 20191.7kmsite_ao
S.O.E. Monument 20191.1kmsite_ao
Torso in Metal from Rock Drill 20191.4kmsite_ao
Epstein’s Medical Sculptures 20192.4kmsite_ao
‘An Allegory of Man’ 20191.4kmsite_ao
Strand Lane ‘Roman Baths’ 20192.4kmsite_ao
Giro the Dog’s Grave 20192.4kmsite_ao
These Fences Are Actually World War II-Era Stretchers 20191.4kmsite_ao
Parliamentary Division Bells 20191.9kmsite_ao
Kirkaldy Testing Museum 20191.7kmsite_ao
Remembering Boadicea, the Fierce Celtic Warrior Queen 20191.6kmsite_ao
Charing Cross Storm Tree 20192.3kmsite_ao
‘A Conversation With Oscar Wilde’ 20192.4kmsite_ao
York Water Gate 20192.2kmsite_ao
The World’s Oldest Family-Run Magic Shop 20192.4kmsite_ao
Rubens Ceiling at the Banqueting House 20192kmsite_ao
Whitefriars Crypt 20182.5kmsite_ao
The Deadhouse 20182.4kmsite_ao
‘Titania and Bottom’ 20181.4kmsite_ao
The Ghost of a Flea 20181.4kmsite_ao
Trafalgar Square Imperial Measurements 20182.4kmsite_ao
British Optical Museum 20172.3kmsite_ao
Gravestone of the Original Pearly King 20172.4kmsite_ao
The London Statue That Imitates Passersby 20171.8kmsite_ao
The Last Ferryman’s Seat in London 20172.1kmsite_ao
Roman Wharf Timber 20182.5kmsite_ao
A London Pub With Underground Prison Cells and a Spy Room 20171.5kmsite_ao
Memorial to a Mohegan Chief Outside Southwark Cathedral 20172.1kmsite_ao
Perronet House 19690.7kmsite_brutalism
Sampson House 1.9kmsite_brutalism
Macadam Building, King’s College London 19722.4kmsite_brutalism
Hayward Gallery 19611.8kmsite_brutalism
Pimlico Academy 2.1kmsite_brutalism
Lambeth Towers 19640.7kmsite_brutalism
Annex “Old Vic” Theater 1.3kmsite_brutalism
Ministry of Justice 2.2kmsite_brutalism
Lillington Gardens 19612kmsite_brutalism
National Theatre 1.9kmsite_brutalism
Heygate Estate 0.8kmsite_brutalism
Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey including Saint Margaret’s Church 19871.8kmsite_whs
BATH, England—One of the best collections of historical and contemporary dresses can be found… 20192.4kmpost
I Found My Mother With This London Tube Map From 1977 20192.4kmpost
Hidden London: New Book Explores the City’s Forgotten Underground 20192.6kmpost

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