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The Witches’ Dance Floor 201976.8km site_ao
Wolmirstedt Converter Hall 201162.5km site_ao
Carl Friedrich Gauss Monument 201520.3km site_ao
Leibniz’s Stepped Reckoner 201268.5km site_ao
The Brocken 201767.1km site_ao
Museum of Snoring 201275.3km site_ao
Sankt Burchardi Church Organ 201059km site_ao
St. Nicholas Church 201380.1km site_ao
Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp 201569.1km site_ao
Happy Rizzi House 201420.8km site_ao
The Thousand-Year Rose 201460.7km site_ao
Marktkirche 201368.2km site_ao
The Thousand-Year Rose 201460.7km site_ao
Teufelskanzel & Hexenaltar 201369.4km site_ao
The Victims of Fritz Haarmann Memorial 201972.7km site_ao
Brusttuch House 201858.8km site_ao
Quedlinburg Abbey 201773.3km site_ao
The Brocken 201767.1km site_ao
The Devil’s Wall in Germany 201769.7km site_ao
Dukatenmännchen 201858.7km site_ao
Goslar Nail Head 201858.7km site_ao
Germany’s Green Citadel Is a Whimsical Work of Alternative Architecture 201768km site_ao
Zweigstelle 1, Stadtsparkasse Hannover 68.1km site_brutalism
Post Office 68.3km site_brutalism
Post Office 58.4km site_brutalism
St. Raphael 19711.2km site_brutalism
City Hall Extension 196820.7km site_brutalism
Intercontinental Hotel (today: Maritim Hotel) 68.1km site_brutalism
Student Dormitory APM “Affenfelsen” 197320.1km site_brutalism
Apartment and Office Building Uhlemeyerstraße 67.1km site_brutalism
Kröpcke-Center 197068km site_brutalism
Bredero Hochhaus 197467.6km site_brutalism
Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover 196566.9km site_brutalism
Ihme Zentrum 197169.4km site_brutalism
Parking Garage (Parkhaus Osterstraße) 67.9km site_brutalism
Fagus Factory in Alfeld 201178.3km site_whs
Mines of Rammelsberg, Historic Town of Goslar and Upper Harz Water Management System 199269.8km site_whs
St Mary’s Cathedral and St Michael’s Church at Hildesheim 198560.6km site_whs
Collegiate Church, Castle and Old Town of Quedlinburg 199473.9km site_whs

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