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The Terassenhaussiedlung was a participative project: future residents were involved in the planning process. It consists of 522 flats in four blocks with 24 different typologies (stepped, maisonettes, ateliers, attics…). Every flat has a private outdoor space (terrace, loggia, balcony). There is a pedestrian area in the 2st floor, children’s playgrounds and paddling pools and common areas such as a kindergarten and a community centre in the 5th floor. It is very popular yet somehow still controversial because of its materiality. Due to the variety in typology there is a good mixture of residents: besides many original owners many families and younger people moved in lately. (Special thanks to Marisol Vidal)



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SOSBrutalism is a platform for a campaign to 'save our beloved concrete monsters'. You can contribute to the content SOSBrutalism provides, on their website.

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