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St. Rita Church (Sint-Ritakerk)



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Hotel Kosmos 202037.8kmsite_ao
‘The Minotaur’ 202028kmsite_ao
Belfry of Tournai 202027kmsite_ao
Tournai Cathedral de en es fr nl 202026.8kmsite_izi
Irish Highlights in 48 hours en nl 28.6kmsite_izi
Sentier du Marais de Péronne en Mélantois en fr nl zh 31.6kmsite_izi
Houplin Ancoisne en fr nl zh 37.2kmsite_izi
Australian/ New Zealand highlights in 48 hours en nl 28.6kmsite_izi
Accessible en nl 28.6kmsite_izi
Bouvines en fr nl zh 30kmsite_izi
Gruson en fr nl zh 27.9kmsite_izi
Noyelles-Lez-Seclin en fr nl zh 35.3kmsite_izi
Naviettes Tour en fr 40kmsite_izi
Emmerin en fr nl zh 34.4kmsite_izi
Flanders Fields in 48 hours – child-friendly tour en nl 28.6kmsite_izi
Saint Piat Road – Seclin (France) to Tournai (Belgium) en fr nl zh 37.2kmsite_izi
Flanders Fields in 48 hours for the Canadian visitor en nl 28.6kmsite_izi
Ghent, exchange project 4LAa – Warschau en 38.5kmsite_izi
Chernobyl Drawings en fr nl 39.8kmsite_izi
Historical Tour Ghent de en es fr nl 38.5kmsite_izi
British Highlights in 48 hours en nl 21.6kmsite_izi
Flanders Fields in 48 hours en nl 21.6kmsite_izi
Religious Heritage in Bruges: Walk with the Pastors of the Faith de en fr nl 40.9kmsite_izi
Extraordinary Bruges de en fr nl 41.2kmsite_izi
Sanctuary Wood Cemetery 202024.5kmsite_ao
Torture Museum Bruges 202041.1kmsite_ao
Westvleteren 201940.7kmsite_ao
In Flanders Fields Museum 201928.6kmsite_ao
Lille Natural History Museum 201928.7kmsite_ao
House Bouchoute 201841.2kmsite_ao
Porte de Paris 201828.3kmsite_ao
Vieille Bourse Book Market 201827.8kmsite_ao
Halve Maan Brewery Beer Pipeline 201640.4kmsite_ao
Remembering the Allied Avians of the Great War 201728.2kmsite_ao
Smedenpoort Skull 201840.9kmsite_ao
Sanctuary Wood Museum 201824.4kmsite_ao
Explore One of Belgium’s Oldest Hospitals 201840.4kmsite_ao
The Lamp Museum in Bruges 201741.4kmsite_ao
Potato Vending Machine 201829.2kmsite_ao
Van Wassenhove House 197230.6kmsite_brutalism
Le Forum 27.8kmsite_brutalism
Kapel van Kerselare 196423.7kmsite_brutalism
Residential Building 29.1kmsite_brutalism
Residential Building, Wervikstr. 141 13.8kmsite_brutalism
RTT / Belgacomtoren (today Belgacom Car Park) 197138.8kmsite_brutalism
Maison Dessauvage 197236.3kmsite_brutalism
Macarius School (today Trappenhuis School) 39.2kmsite_brutalism
The Vandenhaute-Kiebooms House 196423.2kmsite_brutalism
Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai 200027kmsite_whs
Historic Centre of Brugge 200041.2kmsite_whs

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