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Tokyo Metropolitan Building Staff Cafeteria 20204.5kmsite_ao
Taira no Masakado’s Grave 20204.3kmsite_ao
Jisshi Park 20205.1kmsite_ao
Hakubutsukan-Dōbutsuen Station 20203.9kmsite_ao
Obake Kaidan 20202.9kmsite_ao
Benten-dō Temple 20203.7kmsite_ao
Ueno Daibutsu 20203.9kmsite_ao
‘Fugetsu En’nen’ 20204kmsite_ao
Chankonabe Shinzan 20203kmsite_ao
Koukokuji Buddhist Temple 20191.8kmsite_ao
A Japanese School Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright 20192.4kmsite_ao
Kojo 20194.4kmsite_ao
Ekibenya Matsuri 20195.1kmsite_ao
Omoide Yokocho 20193.7kmsite_ao
Suga Shrine Staircase 20193.4kmsite_ao
8bit Cafe 20183.5kmsite_ao
A Japanese Elementary School Lunch Themed Restaurant 20174.9kmsite_ao
Shitamachi Museum 20183.9kmsite_ao
The Final Resting Place of Japan’s Last Shogun 20183.9kmsite_ao
A Detective-Themed Bar Staffed By Actual Detectives 20182.6kmsite_ao
A Catholicism-Themed Restaurant in Japan 20173.3kmsite_ao
The Soineya Cuddle Cafe in Tokyo 20174.6kmsite_ao
Intermediatheque 20185kmsite_ao
Ninja Restaurant in Tokyo 20174.2kmsite_ao
Tokyo’s Owl Police Box 20182.2kmsite_ao
Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town 20174kmsite_ao
Gakushuin University 19581.9kmsite_brutalism
National Theater 19644kmsite_brutalism
Metropolitan Festival Hall 19574.1kmsite_brutalism
Tower House 19665.1kmsite_brutalism
Picturing China’s Bamboo Chopstick Industry From the Sky 20193.9kmpost
Time Is Running Out for Tokyo’s Nakagin Capsule Tower 20194.5kmpost
The Giger Bar: Discover the 1980s Tokyo Bar Designed by H. R. Giger, the Same Artist Who Created the Nightmarish Monster in Ridley Scott’s Alien 20194.5kmpost
Portraits and Windows 20193.9kmpost

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