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Residenza A Roma



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
Vicus Caprarius 202020.6kmsite_ao
Rome, Campanile walk 2 en 18.7kmsite_izi
Piè di Marmo (Marble Foot) 202020.1kmsite_ao
Madama Lucrezia 202020.1kmsite_ao
The Globe of the Vatican Obelisk 202019.9kmsite_ao
Rome, Campanile walk 1 en 20.7kmsite_izi
Rome, Campanile walk 3 en 18.7kmsite_izi
Rome, Campanile walk 4 en 20.3kmsite_izi
Another Rome en 18.3kmsite_izi
Rome Market Places en it 19.5kmsite_izi
Urbirun Rome – Trastevere en fr 19.4kmsite_izi
In Rome, do as the Romans do! en fr it ru 201420.1kmsite_izi
Ludus Magnus 202020.2kmsite_ao
The Flying Donkey 202020.1kmsite_ao
Porto di Ripetta 202020.6kmsite_ao
Chiesa di San Francesco a Ripa Grande (Church of San Francesco a Ripa) 202018.7kmsite_ao
Mirabilia Gallery 201919.8kmsite_ao
Passetto del Biscione 201919.7kmsite_ao
Arch of the Argentarii 201919.6kmsite_ao
Il Facchino 201920.3kmsite_ao
Buca Dello Spione 201920.3kmsite_ao
Santa Maria sopra Minerva Flood Markers 201920.1kmsite_ao
Durandal’s Mark 201920.3kmsite_ao
Basilica of Santi Quattro Coronati 201920.2kmsite_ao
Basilica of San Crisogono 201919.1kmsite_ao
Il Facchino 201920.3kmsite_ao
Museo Storico Nazionale Dell’ Arte Sanitaria 201919.8kmsite_ao
Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana 201914.1kmsite_ao
Elephant and Obelisk 201920.1kmsite_ao
This Subterranean Shrine Below a Bike Rental Store Celebrates an Iconic Italian Scooter 201920.2kmsite_ao
Vatican City Walls 201919.6kmsite_ao
Villa Doria Pamphili Park 201818.1kmsite_ao
This Paleochristian Basilica Is Full of Oddities and Secrets 201819kmsite_ao
Sisinnius Fresco in the Basilica San Clemente 201820.3kmsite_ao
‘I Am Lost’ Plaque 201719.5kmsite_ao
Vatican Mosaic Studio 201819.5kmsite_ao
Mussolini’s Balcony 201820.1kmsite_ao
Italy’s Abandoned Brutalist Treehouse 201817.2kmsite_ao
Rome’s Hidden Art Nouveau Courtyard 201820.5kmsite_ao
Saint Catherine Russian Orthodox Church 201718.8kmsite_ao
The Wax-Encased Remains of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi 201719.1kmsite_ao
Secret Compartment in Leonardo da Vinci Statue 20168.8kmsite_ao
Stumbling Stones of Rome 201818.6kmsite_ao
The ‘Greatest Sewer’ of Ancient Rome 201719.4kmsite_ao
Dormitory “S. Tommaso d’Aquino” 20.3kmsite_brutalism
Nuovo Corviale 12.7kmsite_brutalism
Experimental House 17.2kmsite_brutalism
Vatican City 198419.6kmsite_whs
Historic Centre of Rome, the Properties of the Holy See in that City Enjoying Extraterritorial Rights and San Paolo Fuori le Mura 198020.1kmsite_whs

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