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Premabhai Hall

The Premabhai hall is located in the Old City of Ahmedabad. Due to its large dimension, the building is reminiscent of an ancient monumental sculpture. Doshi designed this post-Corbusian Brutalist piece of architecture in 1956 as a modern public theater. The wide stage (100 m) provides perfect conditions for western ballet performances. The roof has a generous sky terrace with a fantastic view of its vibrant historical surroundings. As the theater was closed down in 1997, the building is now an empty shell. Nevertheless, its sheer volume is still able to give character to its architectural context, forming and structuring public spaces. Premabhai Hall has now become a hollow guardian of the Old City of Ahmedabad waiting to be woken from its long sleep. This project is part of the Architecture Reading Aid Ahmedabad (Ruby Press, 2015). © ARA (Fanelsa, Franke, Helten, Martenson, Wertgen)



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